Why fans should be excited for 2013:Kingsbury

With the season starting to inch closer and closer, Joshua Koch starts his series of the five reasons to be excited for 2013.

With the 2013 season starting in less than a month the excitement is starting to build.


Really the excitement has been building since about December when the video was released with Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt introducing Kliff Kingsbury as the new head coach of the Red Raiders.


It has been Kingsburymania around Lubbock for the past few months with t-shirts and sunglasses all over the place.


All of this is exciting to see because that fact is that this kind of excitement, anticipation has not been in Lubbock for the last three years.


When Tommy Tuberville took over as the head coach after Mike Leach was fired, there was never a real excitement.


The fan base was split, there was anger and they never came back together to stand behind the coaching staff or team that followed the Mike Leach era. 


The hiring of Kingsbury has solved all those problems and winning will solve others.


Now the one thing this has also brought is an immense amount of pressure as well on Kingsbury.


Being the head coach is a lot different than the offensive coordinator shoes he has filled for the past few seasons, but Kingsbury seems to be up to the task at hand.


In the spring practices were lively, Kingsbury was in the mix, in the middle of the huddle jumping and down and getting the team fired up.


This Saturday will be another exciting step for Kingsbury, as the fans will get to see the first practice of the fall.


There is no doubt that there will be a good amount of fans in attendance and this will just continue to build excitement for the new coach, the new-look tem, the new scoreboard and new season that is upon us.


Kingsbury is exciting, and has brought a new excitement to Lubbock that hasn't seen in a few years.

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