Conditioning for Success

The Red Raiders have been working hard in the weight room since the spring and now players are starting to see the difference it is making out on the field.

How fast can you go?

That's the question Kliff Kingsbury is probably asking his players right about now as the fall practices have begun.

Besides the most obvious change, the new coaching staff, the other change and it was very apparent in the spring game – the speed.

Fast offense, fast play calling and fast recovery back to the line of scrimmage. Everything was fast.

Now to get that fast it takes conditioning and that's one thing the Red Raiders have been working on since the spring and throughout the heat of summer.

"This summer everything changed," Tech wide receiver Shawn Corker said. "In the weight room it was a lot faster, a little bit lighter. Outside everything was quick. We worked on strength stuff. Pushing sleds was our biggest our biggest task. That's the one that I feel like got us to where we need to be as in lower body strength wise. That's going to help us a lot."

The biggest reason everything changed was because of the addition of Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Chad Dennis.

Dennis came to Tech from Texas A&M with Kingsbury and has brought change just like the head coach has.

The change has been one that the players believe will payoff down the road, defensive lineman Donte Philips said and it has been an effective summer.

"They're really great. Coach Dennis really brought in a whole new program for us," he said. "Really stressed us, be more able to handle the fatigue of just the whole season and everyday of just banging. I think we'll be OK this season."

It hasn't been an easy summer for the Red Raiders as it has been a summer of work.

On the defensive side of the ball Phillips said they have just been getting ready for the season and have been pushing other things than teammates around this summer.

"We had sleds, we were out here in 110 degree heat just pushing sleds everyday. Going inside, heavy squat days, heavy bench days. Just really getting our bodies ready."

When the new coaching staff got here the workouts began, the beginning of spring practice and the spring game were actually pushed back to allow more time in the weight room.

Corker, who is trying to work his way into the rotation this season, said as a team they are in much better shape and ready to get the season going. 

"Coach Dennis helped us this whole summer pushed us to limits that we thought we never could. It's showing out here," he said. "Way better shape than we were in the spring, last year. I mean a lot faster, stronger. Just ready to get after other teams."

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