State of the Union 2013

Scott Fitzgerald delivers his State of the Union for the 2013 season.

My Fellow Red Raiders,

A new day is upon us. Eight months ago, when Kliff Kingsbury stood on the stage at the United Spirit Arena and referred to his previous employer as "that other school" and then turned and asked Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt if Texas Tech could schedule Cincinnati, the torch officially passed.

Since December 12, 2012, the wave of momentum has gathered steam across the Texas Tech Red Raider nation with the addition of assistant coaches with an equal affinity for Texas Tech as its head coach. That coaching staff in turn salvaged a recruiting class out of the depths of junior college mediocrity in a couple of months. That same staff is also responsible for the infectious energy that can be found in every aspect surrounding Texas Tech football going into this 2013 season.

That torch that Coach Kingsbury now carries has seen some tough times these last three years. From the divided fan base to the disasters on the field, we encountered things that are only comparable this half century to the Gerry Moore era of Texas Tech Football. Consecutive losses to Baylor, the thrashings at the hands of Oklahoma St and the inexplicable breakdowns at the worst possible time against Texas are hopefully behind us. My apologies for bringing up that last part, but I do feel that in order to appreciate the good times, it always helps to remember where you came from.

The man now carrying that torch was recruited by Spike, coached by Mike, and is respected by some of the top minds in football, both college and professional. Coach Kingsbury's journey has seen stops in 3 NFL cities (with tryouts in several more), 3 colleges, Europe, and he has been a part of some of the most prolific offenses in football as both a coach and a player. There isn't a doubt in my mind in the last couple of years, when things looked bleak, stars aligned to put us in the position where we currently stand.

It's time, Red Raider fans. It's time to celebrate Texas Tech football for the right reasons. It's time to show up at Jones AT&T Stadium and revel in the appreciation of the program that Coach Kingsbury and the coaches that played here have instilled into this current team. It's time to be proud of our past for more than just 2008. It's time to take our place back as the most loud and hostile place to play in the Big 12. Kliff has done his part, it's time to do ours.

Here's to a great season. Guns Up, and #ATMO.

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