So You're Telling Me There's a Chance?

Argyle linebacker Sam Sizelove says he'll give Tech another look.

Agyle linebacker Sam Sizelove (6-4, 220) turned in an impressive performance in Argyle's 45-7 victory over Kennedale on Friday.

Sizelove, a Kansas State commit, was unblockable most of the night despite facing a good, veteran offensive line. It seemed as if he was in on every tackle and delivered punishing hits at the point of contact. He also grabbed three passes for 50 yards and a touchdown at tight end.

Sizelove has stated repeatedly he's still a solid commit with Kansas State. Yet, Argyle teammates Ian Sadler and Connor Wilson have pledged to Texas Tech.

Wilson's switch from Kansas State to Tech earlier this week raised some eyebrows and gave Red Raider fans renewed hope of landing Sizelove as well.

Sizelove said he still likes Kansas State, but left the door open just a crack for Texas Tech.

"I'm 100 percent K-State," Sizelove said."I'll probably go down with Ian and Connor to a game or two and just check it out again because they obviously think something's special about Tech. I'm still looking at a couple other schools, but I'm loving K-State right now and nothing has really been better then K-State."

Sadler said he and Wilson plan on attending the Iowa State game Oct. 12.

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