The Closers

The Texas Tech ground game came through in the most crucial of times. The Red Raiders needed to use the air attack to come back from a 27-16 deficit and it did. After the Red Raiders took back the lead, the rushing attack was called on to finish West Virginia off.

It's not always pretty, but Texas Tech's running backs continue to get the job done.

The rushing attack was stagnant for the first three quarters. While Jace Amaro and Bradley Marquez were racking up over 100 yards in the air, Kenny Williams was the only rusher to have over 20 yards.

The ground game came through in the most crucial of times though. Tech needed to use the air attack to rally from a 27-16 deficit and it did. After the Red Raiders completed the comeback, the rushing attack was called for duty.

A mixture of Deandre Washington and Kenny Williams did not only run down the clock, but put the Red Raiders in position to ice off the victory. With a 30-27 lead, the duo continuously racked up first down after first down. A couple of times, the pair had to fight their way and stretch for the first down marker. Would-be tacklers could not stop Washington or Williams from their determination to grab each first down.

Texas Tech had 56 rushing yards in the first three quarters combined. This includes freshman quarterback Davis Webb's totals, who was the second leading rusher for Tech through much of the game. The rushing attack scrounged up 55 yards in the fourth quarter.

Tech's final scoring drive started with 4:30 remaining in the game. West Virginia had all three of their timeouts. A good chunk of the time was knocked off after key first downs from Kenny Williams and DeAndre Washington. In the end, Texas Tech went up by 10 points with 1:01 remaining in the game.

Williams finished the game with 58 yards and two touchdowns. Washington added 31 yards. Both of them averaged over three yards per carry.

If there's one thing consistent about the rushing attack, it's the ability to finish close games. West Virginia marks the second straight opponent Tech running backs have been able to control the clock against.

Both backs continue to play significant roles in the passing game as well. Washington caught six passes for 67 yards and Williams hauled in five for 62 Saturday.

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