One thing to watch: Bell's consistency

All eyes will be on Oklahoma quarterback Blake Bell on Saturday. He's been up and down this season. Sooners Illustrated publisher Bob Przybylo breaks down what to expect from the 6-foot-6, 250-pound junior.

OU doesn't have a choice but to adapt its defense with season-ending injuries to Corey Nelson and Jordan Phillips. But the quarterback game is another story. When junior Blake Bell is on, the team feeds off his energy and usually in a positive manner.

But when he's off, it's not pretty. His chemistry is off with the wide receivers. He makes decisions too late. He gets happy feet in the pocket and makes errant throws.

Against Tulsa and Notre Dame, it was a good Bell. He was confident, made the big-time throws. His swagger started to disappear against TCU and was completely gone against Texas in one of the worst quarterback outings in the Bob Stoops era.

Through it all, Stoops has stuck with him, and it sure doesn't look like a quarterback change is in the cards unless an injury changes things.

You can get a pretty good feel of what type of game it will be for the Sooners based on how Bell starts the game. He was uneven against Kansas, and an uneven performance will not cut it against a quality Texas Tech club.

If the Sooners are going to win, Bell is going to have to deliver. It's not all on his shoulders, and OU isn't asking him to throw for 400 yards and five touchdowns, but he has to be poised, confident and make some big-time throws and plays.

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