Raiderville: Tuesday Update

Texas Tech students began camping out Monday for the week long event known as Raiderville. Residents of the temporary town, sponsored by the university, will be among the first admitted into Saturday's Big 12 game against Big 12 foe Oklahoma State.

- Population was 51 as of Tuesday at 6:30 a.m.

- First check took place Tuesday at 12:15 a.m.

- The craziest story of the night award goes to Jared Campbell, a graduate student working towards his Masters of Public Administration.
"Back in 2010 somebody dragged a keg up here. It was the tent next to ours and they got really drunk and I remember this one girl. She was really drunk and she tripped over their tent and just sat their bawling and screaming for like an hour. Then about 30 minutes later, she started yelling asking where her car was ‘cause apparently she parked in a non-parking spot. She actually just parked in the middle of the street basically, and got her car towed. She was not too happy about that."

- Coach Kliff Kingsbury has bought pizza twice for citizens of Raiderville. 28 boxes have come from the Red Raider head man.

- Kingsbury has yet to make an appearance.

- Agriculture education sophomore Derek Correa did not know the Oklahoma State series started in 1935. After he found out Correa said, "Now that I do, I'm going to hate them a lot more." After hearing that Oklahoma State was originally Oklahoma A&M Correa said, "Oh, that makes it twice as bad."

- Correa gives a speech Wednesday and takes a test on Thursday. He said he'll get A's even with the late night check-ins. Correa said, "I'm staying faithful here and I'm still gonna pull off the A's."

- Sarah Quinn, a Senior in Political Science, said she comes out every year with her Alpha Delta Pi sisters.

- "I'm hoping the weather stays good today and I'm kind of wondering if the weather is kind of driving people away for an extra day just ‘cause it might rain tonight" -Mayor Ryan Reyna

- In case of severe weather, the tents stay up, but Raiderville will close and the students must find shelter elsewhere.

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