Three Essential Keys to Victory

Can Texas Tech pull off the upset? Here is what the Red Raiders must do to defeat Baylor.

Allow Fewer Than 200 Rushing Yards
Only once has Baylor been held to fewer than 200 rushing yards this season. Kansas State managed to keep the Bears to 114 rushing yards and the Wildcats nearly pulled off the upset. Texas Tech has yet to show they can stop the run. Even if Layce Seastrunk sits the game out, Baylor will run the football. This will be the case until the Red Raiders show improvement defense.

Have Zero Turnovers
Easier said than done. Baylor does not just make opponents pay for turnovers, they annihilate them. A turnover in the first quarter leads to a Baylor blowout. The Red Raiders have had problems with turnovers all season. With two true freshman quarterbacks, that is understandable. At the same time, it's a big reason why Tech has lost three consecutive games. No one makes opponents pay more than Baylor when the ball is turned over.

Have The Lead At The End of Each Quarter
Baylor must be kept in check. Kansas State did a nice job of hanging with Baylor. Late turnovers destroyed the Wildcats chances of an upset. Tech must draw first blood and on top of that, put foot to throat. If Baylor swings the momentum at any given moment, say goodbye at the opportunity for an upset. Baylor is beatable, but Tech is unlikely to be the team that knocks the Bears off the top.

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