Three Essential Keys to Victory

The Red Raiders know the Longhorns will try to line up and run them over. Tech must show they can contain Texas' ground game.

Allow Fewer Than 200 Rushing Yards
Texas Tech defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt knows where the main issue lies. The Red Raiders have given up an average of 297.25 rushing yards per game during the four-game losing streak. He understands that Texas will run the ball. Even with the loss of Johnathan Gray, Texas has a solid rushing attack. Until Tech can stop the run, this will be the number one key.

Fewer Than Three Sacks Allowed
Texas Tech has a young offensive line with just one senior. The Longhorns have two players--Jackson Jeffcoat and Cedric Reed--with seven sacks each this season. The sack leader in the Big 12 has 10.5 this season. Three young quarterbacks does not help Tech's case. If the Longhorns' front seven can penetrate Tech's offense early, it will be a long game.

Commit Fewer Then 50 Penalty Yards
Mistakes destroy Tech to the tune of 7.76 penalties (No. 116 nationally) for 74.18 yards (No. 120) a game. The Red Raiders cannot afford to shorten their own drives and lengthen their opponents' possessions with careless penalties. Tech must play disciplined football or the dirty laundry will be all over the field.

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