Stockton Ready to Make an Impact

Jutin Stockton, Cibolo Steele's all-state running back and a Texas Tech commit, gave a look inside his recent visit. Which current Tech players hosted him? What other recruits did he hang out with? What did they do? Get the scoop here.

Texas Tech commit Justin Stockton wants
to make an impact on the world by helping people. Before he does, he'll play football and earn his college degree. He's unsure what exactly he wants to major in, but he has an idea.

"Probably something in the medical fields or coaching or something like that."

Stockton took his official visit this weekend to Lubbock and he is excited about attending Texas Tech University.

"Yes, I'm solid," Stockton said without hesitation. "I'm going to Tech. I'm about to be signing."

The Cibolo Steele all-state running back was hosted by Deandre Washington, Kenny Williams and Bradley Marquez. The other commits who Stockton hung out with included Cameron Batson and Patrick Mahomes.

The visit included a laser tag battle, bowling and a tour of the campus. For those keeping score, Trey Haverty was mentioned as a stand-out laser tag player during past recruiting visits, but this time the recruits supposedly schooled the coaches.

"It was coaches against the recruits and we won," Stockton said while laughing. "I know Cameron Batson was up there at like, the top five."

Fun and games is enjoyable, but Stockton knows what he's going to Texas Tech for. His No. 1 goal is to earn his degree, something he repeated during the conversation.

"I like the academic facility," Stockton said. "That's what I like about Tech. Every college cares about grades, but they're real serious and for them to reach out to the football players and help them just try to be successful, you know that's great."

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