Batson Expects to Win Big at Texas Tech

Oklahoma City Millwood star Cameron Batson spoke with about his official visit to Texas Tech this weekend. The Gatorade Oklahoma Player of the Year said he spoke with coach Kliff Kingsbury about an opportunity for early playing time.

Texas Tech commit Cameron Batson
took his official visit to Texas Tech this weekend.

Flashing back to our conversation in December, he had zero doubt in his mind he will sign with Texas Tech. Things haven't changed.

"Yes, I'm still solid. I'm 100 percent committed to Texas Tech," Batson said with pride. "The coaches are just amazing. Lubbock is amazing. The people, the fans. You know all of the Texas Tech community is overall just great."

Batson hung out with virtually every commit who made the trip. He listed off a great number of coaches. Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb hosted Batson.

During his meeting with the man in charge, Kliff Kingsbury, Batson was told he will have a chance to prove he's ready in his first season.

"Competing for a spot on the field as a freshman, competing at the punt return position, competing at the receiver position. You know, hopefully get on the field as a freshman."

Batson confirmed he posted one of the better scores in laser tag, but mentioned Patrick Mahomes and Robert Casteneda had top-notch scores too. The best bowlers included Eric Morris and Ian Sadler, but Batson broke down the game of Justin Stockton.

"He could spin the ball and get him a strike. He had some good velocity on the ball."

The 5-foot-8 Gatorade Oklahoma Player of the Year called the trip "a blast" and said the recruits were well fed.

When asked about the highlight of the trip, Batson took a peek into the future.

"I would say getting to spend time and building relationships with my future teammates. We have to be a family and build a brotherhood," Batson said. "It's really family oriented. It's really about to be something big in the next couple of years. I'm talking Big 12 Championships, BCS Championships, so I think this is a great fit."

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