Q&A with Patrick Mahomes

Whitehouse four-star quarterback Patrick Mahomes took time to talk with RaiderPower.com about signing with Texas Tech, the weapons he might have at his disposal and what the future could bring for him on the South Plains.

First off, congratulations. What was it like? Kind of talk me through the ceremony? Was it anti-climatic for you?

Mahomes: It was definitely as cool as you think it's going to be. Getting up there and signing with a bunch of my teammates was a great feeling. I'm just glad I can say that I'm an official Red Raider.

How much of a relief is that, to finally make it offical after the coaches and us, the media, always getting after you?

Mahomes: I mean it's a big relief to finally get it all done and there's no more pressure from people asking you to go to other places and stuff like that.

So what do you think of some of the weapons who signed with you in this class? I mean you have some really talented receivers, a couple of good backs, some linemen. And how familiar are you with their game?

Mahomes: There's a lot of weapons that I have with me; Stockton at running back, Ian Sadler, Byron Daniels... There's a lot of offensive weapons there to contribute with me and I look forward to have them to throw to. And then defensively, we have a great secondary coming in and a great D-line. The coaches are recruiting well and are bringing in guys that want to win.

Did you speak with Coach (Kliff) Kingsbury or anybody else today after signing?

Mahomes: Yeah, I talked to (Trey) Haverty and Kingsbury and they're really excited, ready for me to get up there.

I've asked you this before, but I have to ask you again, Is there a chance you will forgo college and just go pro in baseball and what kind of circumstances would that take?

Mahomes: I haven't made any permanent decisions, but as of right now I'm a Red Raider and I want to go to Tech. I don't want high school football to be the last football I ever play. I will probably be drafted in June, but it just depends on what I choose to do then. As of right now I'm a Red Raider.

I know you have been solid with Tech for a long time, but have any other colleges tried to steal you late in the game?

Mahomes: No one really tried to steal me late. I mean after I committed to Tech, Oklahoma State and schools like that started talking to me and a lot of other schools were talking to me about playing baseball. But, no one tried to come in late and just try to steal me. After a while they just stopped calling and knew I was solid to Tech.

You still plan on playing baseball at Tech?

Mahomes: Yes, sir.

You don't feel like baseball will hurt your chances of competing for the starting job?

Mahomes: No sir. I am still going to get my work in, I'm just going to have to work a little harder than everybody else, which I don't mind doing. You see Jameis Winston doing it right now where he is a preseason All-American at baseball and he won the national championship in football. People can do it. It can be done.

What do you plan on studying at Tech?

Mahomes: Business and financing probably. That's probably what I'll end up majoring in.

What's your final takeaway from everything today?

Mahomes: My final thoughts are it was a great day overall. I am glad I got to do it and I can now go around saying I'm a Red Raider and it's official.

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