Daniels Always Looking to Get Better

Dallas Bishop Dunne's Darrion Daniels thinks the Falcons an make a run at a TAPPS state championship next season and is working towards that. In the meantime, he's hearing from colleges all across the country, who are competing for his services.

Dallas Bishop Dunne may have finished 7-5 last season, but one of its most notable players, junior defensive tackle Darrion Daniels, has a bold prediction for his boys for next season: "We're definitely state-bound."

The 6-4, 275-pounder spoke over the phone with a sense of confidence mixed with a clear understanding of the goals he has set for himself and his football team going into the 2014 season.

The four-star prospect's recruiting mailbag is rather large, with offers from programs such as Texas Tech, Baylor, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and USC headlining. Interest in, and attention from, these schools is "all the same" to him.

"No one's really stood out," Daniels said. "Hopefully they'll step out a lot more."

As far as Texas Tech is concerned, the Red Raider legacy has them on his list. He pointed out his visits will primarily be within the state of Texas.

"Most of the schools I visit will be close to home," he said.

But would distance affect his desire to play at a particular school?

"It doesn't matter to me. If I can go somewhere and play, I'll be okay with that."

With all the tools to succeed at the college level - size, strength, and an ability to push back the line – Daniels always sees room for improvement.

He noted that his hands, which he called "good", weren't being used enough to maximize his potential. "I don't engage with them," he said. Evading the block, a tool which could use some re-tooling, is on his agenda, and if he indeed improves in that area, he could be a force in the college game. In addition, his speed off the line was another point of discussion: "It could be better than it is right now."

A hot recruit, with plenty of interest, is always looking to improve his skill set as well as the fortunes of his football team. Daniels is no different.

"I want to [play well and win] for the team and the younger boys…I hope it will convince more people to play at Dunne."

Daniels is currently a two-sport athlete, playing basketball during the football offseason. As his prospects on the gridiron improve and more schools pursue him, he will keep his status as a basketball player next year up for debate. But he applauds his football-only teammates on raising the bar for Dunne as 2014 approaches.

"The way the players in football are playing…they're pushing themselves to the limit."

Expect Daniels to do the same in the fall.

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