Haughton Enjoyed Texas Tech Visit

RaiderPower.com caught up with Waco Midway DB Kahlil Haughton on Saturday to see how his visit to Texas Tech went and what kind of impression the Red Raiders made on him.

Waco Midway defensive back Kahlil Haughton attended Texas Tech's Junior Day Saturday. The reaction from Haughton came from the positive side.

"It was really great. I really enjoyed it. The staff, they're really energetic and young, so that was something new to experience that you don't usually experience at most colleges where they have some older, more experienced coaches."

Haughton is currently listed by Scout as a three-star prospect who holds an offer from Texas Tech and many other schools.

The three-star prospect didn't hang around other recruits too much, but three names he mentioned without hesitation are "Coach Haverty, Coach Curtis and Coach Wally."

Haughton speaks with confidence, but he couldn't pick a favorite building. He enjoyed the campus altogether.

"We went around the whole campus. It was really nice, the overall campus is beautiful." Haughton said. "It's a great view. You get a great vibe from it."

The defensive back spoke highly of Lubbock, but didn't want to place a ranking on the Red Raiders.

"I'd probably say they're up there. They're one of the top schools, I guess, that' I'm considering." Other schools that are competing with Tech at the moment include Duke, Oklahoma and the home-town team, Baylor. Before any conclusions that he wants to stay home come around, Haughton responded.

"I wouldn't mind getting out and experiencing something new."

While something new could become a lot of different things, Lubbock received a good review from Haughton.

"It was really nice. I got a good vibe from it. I like the community. I just like the overall facilities and stuff.

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