Expert's Take: Jarrett Stidham

So Texas Tech landed Stephenville quarterback Jarrett Stidham, one of the most sought after prospects in the nation. What does this mean for the program? Could Stidham's commitment start a snowball effect where several top prospects join him in Lubbock? National Recruiting Analyst Greg Powers lends his opinion on what it all could mean.

Stephenville quarterback Jarrett Stidham, one of the top 50 rated players in the nation, the No. 4 rated signal caller in the country and the top QB in the state according to, pulled the trigger Friday night and committed to Texas Tech.

But just how good is he and what does this mean for Texas Tech? National Recruiting Analyst Greg Powers, in charge of recruiting for the Midlands region, weighed in Friday night with his thoughts.

How big is Stidham's commitment for Tech in your opinion?

Powers: He's the biggest commitment they have had since Kliff Kingsbury took over as coach. Obviously, depth at the quarterback position is going to be a concern for them having just two guys on scholarship by the time he walks onto campus and I think he's got the talent to push those guys right away--the second he gets there.

You've covered all the best athletes to come out of Texas and Oklahoma for years. How good is Stidham and how good can he be at the next level?

Powers: He's the No. 1 rated quarterback in the state for a reason. He's got one of the best arms that I have seen coming out of high school since Andrew Luck down at Stratford down in Houston. It's tough to compare someone to Andrew Luck at this early stage of his development, but I do think Stidham, if things go right, is a kid who could play on Sundays at some point.

How often, in your experience, does a commitment of Stidham's caliber start a snowball effect with other recruits?

Powers: Most often when that snowball effect does happen it's a quarterback that kind of gets the thing going, because a lot of people want to come into a class that has a top tier quarterback, because that is the leading position on the football field. If anything can spur that it's definitely the landing of a No. 1 quarterback like Stidham. It remains to be seen if that domino effect will take place with Tech, but it is definitely something I would and am keeping an eye on. It's actually something I have been thinking about myself since rumors were circulating that Stidham was headed to Tech. They had a slow start, but it could be something that really spurs recruiting activity during spring football.

I have talked with several guys who have Tech up high, but are there any prospects you know of who this might push them over the edge and convince them to commit to Tech?

Powers: I don't know if there is anybody that comes to mind where this will push them over the edge, but I would definitely keep an eye on the highest rated receivers in the state. I would keep an eye on guys like Ryan Newsome, Carlos Strickland and DaMarkus Lodge and see if it moves the needle for guys like that.

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