Newsome 'Liked Everything' About Texas Tech

Aledo four-star receiver Ryan Newsome is making the rounds, visiting colleges around the country. Friday he visited the South Plains to take in a Texas Tech practice. How did it go? Get the details inside.

Aledo wide receiver Ryan Newsome traveled to Lubbock alongside Texas Tech commit Jarrett Stidham Friday and enjoyed his time on the campus.

"It was good," Newsome said. "First time down there and I liked everything."

Texas Tech held their Pro Day during Newsome's visit and the Aledo standout was able to meet some aspiring professionals including a potential first rounder.

"Yeah, Jace Amaro. We had a real good talk. "

Not everything was rosy though. As most Tech fans making the trip from eastern part of the state can attest, the drive was the worst part of Newsome's trip.

"It sucked," Newsome stated with some laughter afterwards. "It was horrible. It was bad. I fell asleep on purpose about three times. The drive was just so long and it's like long with nothing to look at."

The 5-foot-9 speedster said the visit left him with a positive review.

"It definitely helped with my opinion of Texas Tech. When I got down there, the weather was nice. I like the tempo that they go at in practice."

Newsome reiterated he doesn't want to set a timetable on his decision and would prefer to take the time to visit schools around the nation. He currently has plans to visit two Pac 12 schools. When asked about the SEC, he mentioned his interest lies in Ole Miss and Tennessee.

Newsome has received an offer to run track at LSU, but head football coach Les Miles has yet to contact him. The four-star prospect said he has no preference as to which conference he plays in.

Newsome was able to watch the Red Raiders practice and said he noticed his most appealing thing about the visit during practice.

"I would say how the coaches interact with the players and how they have fun. It doesn't just seem like their job, they're doing their job. They're actually out there having fun with the players, with each other, but at the same time, they get down to business."

Newsome said there is a good chance he will visit during the spring game (Apr. 12).

Our conversation went into his track season, which is going well. He confirmed Texas Tech head track coach Wes Kittley sent him a letter Friday and the team is interested in him. The Aledo receiver said he is interested in becoming a two-sport athlete at Texas Tech, but those are just thoughts to ponder during his senior year.

Newsome only had time to stick around the football facilities and that is a big reason he wants to return.

"We got there kind of late, so we're definitely going to be back to see the academic facilities and the dorm rooms and things like that."

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