Q&A: Assistant Coach Trey Haverty

RaiderPower.com caught up with Texas Tech safeties coach Trey Haverty recently to see how the group is doing this spring. Haverty was an All-American receiver at Texas Tech as a senior in 2004. He started his coaching career at Midlothian HS, before coaching receivers at Cisco College and then receivers and safeties at TCU for five seasons. Haverty left TCU to return to Tech in late December 2012.

Talk about the secondary as a whole and how has it gone this spring?

Haverty: We've been up and down. We scrimmaged and we had some guys who were out, but at the end of the day we're a group, not individuals. We didn't play so well but I think the energy has been better. I still don't know what we have yet. We have some guys who haven't played yet who we think have talent.

Who is stepping up? I know you just said you're a group, but is there anybody who has been a surprise?

Haverty: J.J (Gaines) has been out. He's coming back, so it's hard to say him but he always does his job. Jalen (Barnes) has had a good couple practices. Josh Keys has gotten better and then Keenan (Ward) has really put in a lot of work. So all the guys we're excited about, we just have to keep moving forward.

What are you looking to get out of the scrimmages?

Haverty: We have to show up. We have to play a lot better as a secondary and a defensive group than we did. That's the challenge for us. If we are going to help win championships here we have to be able to show up everyday, it can't be up and down or we'll be an 8-4 team.

Then the safties that are coming in, the 2014 class, it's obviously a good class. Are you excited about that group?

Haverty: Yeah we're excited about them. You never know what you have, so you don't want to brag on them too much, but we do have some guys coming in we feel like can play earlier than later. Once they get here it's our job to get them ready and see what they got. But yeah, we do feel good about the class that's coming in.

Do you feel like you need some of those guys to come in and play right away?

Haverty: We'll see. I can tell you more after the scrimmages this spring. It's a lot different when you put the pads on and you have to get guys to the ground and the lights are on, people are watching. Do you do your job? Do you fall for play-action? All of the stuff you have to do in the heat of the fire. I'm not sure yet, we'll find out. Hopefully by the end of the spring we'll have a clue on what we have to address and who we'll feel good with.

As far as being back for a second spring, how big of a difference has there been this year as opposed to last spring?

Haverty: Oh yeah. I think we're all on the same page rather then trying to get to know each other as a coaching staff, the players. Now we know what we have, we know the package and now it's on us to go execute and go coach them up.

For you personally, what has it been like to be back here at Tech and Lubbock?

Haverty: Great. Both my wife (Christy) and I went here, so it's good to be home. We have a family and it's a good place to raise a family, glad to be here. You know everybody, which is good and different then when you usually go to a different job.

Has there been a surprise for you about being back here; the fans, the town or anything?

Haverty: Just how great it is. You know, you were there and then in this business you go to different places and around different atmospheres. For me it was about 10 years and then came back and just realized how special--you know how special it is, but you remember why it's that special. The fans are the best. That's the thing is you tell kids it doesn't matter the size of the stadium, we have the best fans in the conference.

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