Stockton Ready to Compete caught up with 2014 Texas Tech four-star running back signee Justin Stockton. The Cibolo-Steele star said he expects to be given nothing and is ready to compete for playing time.

Incoming Texas Tech freshman Justin Stockton has been keeping an ear to the ground for the latest on the program.

The former Cibolo Steele running back and graduating senior gathers his things and gets ready to join the Red Raiders on June 1. Stockton officially starts school June 3; he has already fully enrolled into the university.

"I'm in track season; we've got a meet this Tuesday and Thursday," Stockton said. He notes that he runs track as his way to keep in shape during the offseason. "I'm also lifting weights here and there."

Stockton also said that coaches keep him regularly connected to the goings-on within the football program, even if he hasn't joined them as an official football player.

"The coaches tell me that I've gotta be ready to compete," he said. "Nothing is handed to me."

Stockton has clearly paid attention to the moves around the program, even dropping a Kenny Williams reference in his move to linebacker. He reiterated his desire to compete and knows what he will go up against.

"Some people will say, ‘Oh, you've got a better shot because Coach… (Mike Jinks)' and I tell them, ‘No, I gotta work for it, too; he told me.
"You've got Deandre Washington and other guys – this one guy (Demarcus Felton) who's in the same class with me…I've gotta compete…and use what God blessed me with."

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