Q&A: Rika Levi

In a recent informal poll conducted on RaiderPower.com asking readers which 2014 Texas Tech signee they were most excited about College of San Mateo defensive tackle Rika Levi was the overwhelming choice. We caught up with the 6-foot-3, 355-pound 2013 NorCal Defensive Player of the Year, who is working hard to be ready to go when he reports to the Red Raiders this summer.

What are you up to? Does Texas Tech have you on a program and what are you doing?

Levi: I've been working out with my junior college still. Our strength and conditioning coach works with a lot of pros so I trust his workouts. I also practice with my JUCO team still.

Do you have a target weight you want to be at when you get Tech and when do you report?

Levi: 350. I'm currently 365 and I report in mid-June I believe.

Coach Wally (defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt) told me on National Signing Day that the U made a late run at you and of course the Ducks did too. What made you decide to sign with Tech?

Levi: The chemistry with the coaches. I knew what I wanted and I saw it at Tech. I denied Miami hard.

HaHa. How often do you talk with the coaches and who do you talk with?

Levi: Coach (John) Scott and (Lee) Hays, like every other week.

I think your signing was celebrated by fans more than anybody else in the class, but do you feel any pressure to come in and be a savior?

Levi: No sir. I just want to play and I hope that I can help the Texas Tech defense the best I can. I'm confident I can help. I just want to be down there already.

I saw the video on Youtube of your speech on National Signing Day. It was awesome. What were you feeling and what made you decide to make that speech?

Levi: Just the fact that I was leaving my family and friends and teammates. I felt that it was the right time to tell everybody how I felt.

Thanks for your time Rika, I really appreciate it.

Levi: No problem.

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