Q&A: Jarrett Stidham

RaiderPower.com caught up with Stephenville four-star quarterback and Red Raider commit Jarrett Stidham to talk about the spring game. Stidham, who is rated as the top quarterback in Texas, the No. 4 signal caller in the nation and the the No. 28 prospect overall in the 2015 class, dished on Breiden Fehoko's commitment, Mike Mitchell, Davis Webb, Kliff Kingsbury and several other topics.

So what a day. What was your reaction to Breiden (Fehoko) committing?

Stidham: I've been talking to him for probably about a month now or so, just texting back and forth, kind of getting in his ear a little bit about Tech. He told me he was going up there to visit, and he told me his visit was going great and stuff like that. When he committed it wasn't really a surprise to me, because he had already told me about it and everything. I'm super ecstatic for sure. I mean that guy is a heck of a player and I mean he can go anywhere in the country and I'm glad he chose Texas Tech. We're definitely excited to have him and he's going to be a huge, huge force for us on the defensive side of the ball.

You said you knew about it for awhile. When did he tell you he was going to commit?

Stidham: I knew he liked Tech for awhile. He told me he was going to commit, let's see, he told me Thursday or Friday. I think Friday.

What was it like to see the reaction on Twitter from fans and such to his commitment?

Stidham: I mean it's cool and everything. It's really starting to blow up. You know it's exciting, it really is. All these fans and they are liking what is going on, the program and which way we are going. I'm definitely trying to see all of the reactions and stuff and just take it all in.

What is your reasoning for Tech blowing up? Is it the coaching staff, the school in general or what? What do you think is allowing this to happen?

Stidham: I mean, I think there's a lot to it. With the coaching staff and how young they are and really the kind of energy they bring to another group of young people, I mean it's really cool. With athletes and stuff, that's what we really look at. We like to have some fun and those are the perfect guys to do it. I think that's a big part. Everyone in Lubbock is just so genuine, whether inside the university or outside. And so I think that's a big part too.
It's like Breiden was talking about Saturday. He was telling me he was going to commit during the Under Armour game next year when we are there and all that but then he was like, 'You know man when you take that out of it, take all of the hoopla and recruiting stuff out and just start focusing on everything, with just how Texas Tech is and everything is run and just the people in Lubbock; how close everybody is and how it's a family atmosphere.' I think that is a huge help to what all this is.

I wanted to ask you about the spring game. Anything happen on the field that you really liked?

Stidham: (Laughs). Right after they got done stretching and warming up and all that kind of stuff on the field, Breiden and his two brothers (Sam and V.J.) and his dad (Vili), they got in front of everyone, the team got around them in a circle and they did the Haka. That just brought another taste, you know, something else into the whole aspect of things. So that was really cool.
Then just watching the guys play, watching Kingsbury coach and Davis (Webb) direct the offense and stuff--it was really interesting.

You know, you have made several trips to Lubbock now, including a couple times this spring and are very close to the program. Have you noticed Davis Webb's progression as far as what Kingsbury has been able to do with him and obviously Johnny Football and then Keenum in Houston? How much of an impression has that made on you and have you noticed that?

Stidham: Absolutely. I mean now looking at Davis, to me, just how he handles himself and the offense in my opinion if you were just seeing him for the first time you would think he was a two or three-year starter. He looks like he has command of the offense, looks like Kingsbury has everybody on the same page and they are just kind of rolling right now with this thing.

I wanted to ask you, we had a report that Tyron Johnson out of Louisiana has Texas Tech on top of his list and you have said and tweeted before you were going to help recruit some of these guys. How much are you talking with these guys and what's the word?

Stidham: I mean I have been talking to a lot of guys. I've tried to talk to Tyron here and there, but I know he's been talking to the coaches quite a bit. I've been talking to Ryan Newsome. At the spring game Mike Mitchell came up and so I got his number today and I started texting him and everything. That's going really good. Chris Clark, a big tight end from Connecticut I believe. He committed to North Carolina and I started direct messaging with him on Twitter just about 15-20 minutes ago and he told me he decommitted. I mean I'm really going to work on that for sure. There's just some guys here and there and I'm trying to get in their ear a little bit.

You brought up Mike Mitchell. You mentioned y'all talked and have been texting. What impression did he give?

Stidham: You know he told me he really liked it. He said that was his first time to be in Lubbock. he's just saying things might be changing for him and he's looking to come back closer to home. We sat next to each other during the game and we talked throughout it, just talking about really anything. We talked about Ohio State and how he's doing there, we talked about Lubbock, we talked about recruiting. He really seemed to enjoy himself so I really hope he can get back down here soon.

Jarrett, I covered you when you were a sophomore receiver. I didn't know anything about you to be honest. It was against Aledo and I went out there to Stephenville for the rivalry and you tore it up, just had a monster game. I remember asking everybody 'who is this kid?' And I talked to you after the game and you had the stars in your eyes for what you had just done, of course. How have you changed as a player and a person from your second varsity start to now going into your senior year and all the publicity that has been around your recruitment?

Stidham: Shoot, I mean it has kind of been crazy. That was kind of my first real varsity experience, you know really stepping into the varsity role back in my sophomore year. And playing receiver was really difficult for me, I had never played it before, so I really had to take a whole year off from quarterback to play receiver. It was hard to do that. Then last spring came around and I was trying to get back into the whole quarterback mode; reading defenses, making the right call and all of that kind of stuff.
I mean it was hard to transition my sophomore to junior season in that little time frame. I did it to the best of my ability then spring came around and I got my offer from Baylor, then Tech, A&M, Texas and Kentucky, Tennessee and the offers started to roll in a little bit.
Once the season got here, it took me until the second half of the season until we, myself and the offense really started to come together. We started to kind of push our way into becoming a really good team, got some seasoning together and to me with recruiting it just kept getting more busy and more busy. During the season I had Tennesse, Kentucky, Alabama, all these guys come in to see me and talk.
Then after the season, when I was rehabbing my hamstring during basketball, you know I had coaches come in and talk to me and all that kind of stuff. It got pretty crazy.
I think with Tech at least, whenever Kingsbury came down to see me, I hadn't really had that much interest, as I do obviously now, with Texas Tech. Whenever he came down to see me it really kind of opened my eyes to Texas Tech and really started to dig it more because the head coach coming to see you--that's a big deal. I think I can speak for a lot of guys that if the head coach comes to see you it means a little more. So I looked into it more and just completely fell in love with Tech. So now that I have committed to Tech recruiting has died down substantially, but I'm good with that and happy to be a Red Raider. I couldn't be more psyched.

That's great stuff. I really appreciate your time. Thanks.

Stidham: No problem, no problem at all.

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