Q&A: Mike Mitchell

RaiderPower.com caught up with linebacker Mike Mitchell a 2013 five-star linebacker who is transferring from Ohio State. Mitchell, who attended Texas Tech's spring game on Saturday, talked about his impressions of the Red Raiders, Lubbock and the campus.

I've gotten word that you plan to transfer from Ohio State University.

Mike: Yes, that is correct.

Would you like to give me your reasons for transferring?

Mike: This has been a tough year. Back home with my family, my dad's kind of been sick, and he got better a little bit during when I first got here, so I was okay with coming out then. It kind of got worse then, so and then I got injured near the season, so it was kind of tough to deal with sitting out and having my dad sick back home, so I'm real close to my family, so I just decided that I'd move closer back to home.

You were at the Texas Tech Spring Game, correct?

Mike: Yeah, last weekend.

I'm guessing there are some other teams in the running?

Mike: Yeah, right now it's really just been Tech, Baylor and A&M. (Those) have been the only ones I've talked to.

How was Saturday? What were your thoughts?

Mike: I was really impressed. It was my first time being in Lubbock and on campus and I loved the whole campus. I thought it looked really good. Most of it looked new and I was impressed with the stadium. The stadium looked great. Just the way the spring game went, I like how the defense showed a lot of different looks and blitzes. I just had a really good time.

I've heard you sat around Jarrett Stidham and Breiden Fehoko. Do you want to talk about what that conversation was like?

Mike: Yeah, some great guys. Breiden was real energetic and I had a good time talking with him and he was just telling me how they treat you like a family there and what kind of turned him on to Tech. Jarrett was telling me how much he loved it and just the fact of how they treat the players, how nice the coaching staff is and the chemistry with the team. That's what he liked and it's just some good stuff to hear.

Do you plan on visiting the two other schools?

Mike: As of right now, I haven't made any plans to do that yet or ever thought about it, because A&M and Baylor were recruiting me out of high school and I visited them a couple of times, so that's why I just want to get to Tech first, because I've already seen the other two schools.

Are you going to wait until you get out of Ohio State to commit?

Mike: I'll be out of here in about two weeks. I'll be done with all of my finals and get settled in back at home. I might make another trip back to Tech with my mom or something. (I'll) maybe make a decision after that.

Jarrett and Breiden are playing a little game on Twitter about some mystery recruit who plans on committing. Do you know anything about this?

Mike: No, I don't have a Twitter so, I didn't even know about that.

What's the biggest draw to you? Obviously, you want to be close to your family, but what is it that would win you over for a school maybe?

Mike: Just right now, it's probably where I feel most comfortable at and what coaching staff I feel most comfortable with and understands the situation. Hopefully, I'll get my mom up there and see how she likes it. I want to be close to home, so I can at least drive home on the weekends.

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