Red Raiders Sitting Pretty with Abercrumbia caught up with Dallas Skyline defensive tackle Zach Abercumbia for an update on his recruitment and where he stands with Texas Tech. He also talks spring ball, set a timetable for making a decision and when he plans on visiting the Red Raiders again. Get all the details inside.

Dallas Skyline defensive tackle Zach Abercrumbia enters spring ball with seven offers and two clear cut favorites.

"Right now Tech is probably No. 1, but right now I put TCU and Tech at the same level," Abercrumbia said. "They are one and two but, right now they are both like No. 1; neither team has jumped out in front of one another."

When asked what stands out about Texas Tech, Abercrumbia, who visited Lubbock for a junior day in February, did not hesitate for a second.

"The coaches. The coaches definitely. That was one thing when I went on my trip that kind of blew me away," Abercrumbia said. "I had heard they had a young, energetic staff, but once you're there it's crazy. The staff is always energetic, hype and moving. That gets contagious and you get energetic, you get pumped up and everything.
"I've been seeing a lot of stuff Tech has been doing with their players, you know, the dance off coach Kingsbury had, the ice cream truck they had on the field for the players and everything like that. I was like 'man, that is crazy.' So, what stands out to me the most about Tech is the coaches. Other things about the school were good, but that was probably the most outstanding part that I saw."

Offensive coordinator Eric Morris and defensive line coach John Scott, Jr. are heading up Abercrumbia's recruitment for the Red Raiders.

"The thing I like about both of them is they stay real, they keep me up to date with what's going on down there and they give me a real outlook on what they do in terms of their process and stuff like that," Abercrumbia said. "That kind of keeps me up on it so I can know where I need to be in terms of my process, compared to where they are with theirs."

In addition to offers from Tech and TCU, the 6-foot-3, 260-pound three-star prospect rated as the No. 28 defensive tackle in the nation, holds offers from Oregon State, Wake Forest, Navy, Texas State and Washington State. Abercrumbia added he is also hearing from Houston, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Tulsa.

"If the schools that I am talking to, if I go back for another visit and it just feels right, then I can make a decision earlier, but ultimately me and my parents have talked about me focusing on spring ball, focusing on finishing out the school year and making decision early summer," Abercumbia said. "That way I can go into the offseason, two-a-days and everything like that with a clear mind, focused on winning a championship."

Abercrumbia was scheduled to attend the Red Raiders' spring game on Apr. 12, but his dad was sick and they couldn't attend. They are looking to make it back out to Lubbock in June or preferably in July.

The athletic defensive tackle would, in theory, make a pretty impressive tandem with Honolulu (HI) Farrington defensive tackle Breiden Fehoko, who committed to the Red Raiders two days after visiting for the spring game. If Abercrumbia chose Tech, he would also be reuniting with former Skyline teammate Derrick Dixon, a three-star safety who signed with Texas Tech in February.

"Me and Derrick Dixon are good friends, with him being a senior and all of the senior activities that are going on, I don't see him a lot, but when I do see him a lot of times we don't necessarily talk about Tech," Abercrumbia said. "We have talked about Tech in the past and he just gave me his full book on it and just said that we have young coaches at Skyline, Tech has young coaches, so why not, why not go to Tech?"

Abercrumbia acknowledged spring ball, which started for Skyline on Friday, has added importance heading into his senior year, but doesn't feel any added pressure.

"I'm hoping that we can build our team chemistry, we have a lot of new people in important positions," Abercrumbia said. "Individually, I'm just trying to step my game up to another level. Of course, I know there are going to be scouts out there to watch, but ultimately if I do what I am supposed to do--take of my grades, take care of what I am supposed to do on the field and get better then everything else should pretty much take care of itself."

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