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Writer Alyssa Chrisope is a freshman journalism student who began reporting for towards the end of the 2013 football season. Since being hired she has covered Tech football, Lady Raider basketball, Tech baseball and recruiting. From the student section to courtside and in the press box--she has a unique perspective. The following is her Top 5 Tech sports experiences of the year.

From Kliff Kingsbury's "Lets Get Weird" costume night game to "Tubby Time" at the United Spirit Arena it has been an exciting year watching Texas Tech sports.

I entered college as a sports and Dallas Cowboys fanatic and had never experienced what college athletics had to offer. From college tailgates, Spanky's fried cheese after games, to student sections and press boxes, I made many memories centered around Texas Tech Athletics during my freshman year.

As a city girl from Houston I have been kind of spoiled when it comes to sports because there is always a local pro team playing some kind of ball at anytime of the year. Moving to West Texas I realized this whole region thrives off of the scarlet and the black no matter if they win or lose, but good thing there was more winning then losing this year. I have narrowed down all of my favorite moments down to five that I will never forget.

TCU vs. Tech- Big 12 Opener
I never thought a Thursday night game could be so rowdy or exciting but again West Texas proved me wrong. The students came out for this one and tortillas flew high at kickoff of the Big 12 home opener. I was in the middle of all the action in the student section that was full of crazy signs, full on body paint and flying bleacher benches for this nationally televised game. Before the students could storm the field after a 20-10 win against the Horned Frogs a fox ran down the sidelines. Yes, this was an actual fox and something this city girl had never seen before but again only in West Texas.

Baylor vs. Tech- Arlington, Tx
Texas Tech students and fans travel and I was one of the almost 70,000 that made it to Arlington that weekend. Although No. 5 Baylor was on fire and had won eight in a row the Red Raiders and all of Lubbock wanted to shut down the "Has Baylor Lost Yet?" twitter account. Even though that didn't happen at the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Shootout it was still one to remember for the fact Texas Tech held on for the most part. When Tech was up 20-7 in the first quarter fans thought we had a chance and never gave up through the whole game. This game, besides the loss, was one of my favorite memories not only because it took place in the home of the Cowboys but for the energy and excitement throughout it all.

Kansas vs. Tech (Basketball)
There is no doubt Texas is a football state and that includes Texas Tech University, but student attendance records were broken multiple times at the United Spirit Arena. I have never been a huge basketball fan but after attending this game I really questioned myself why not. Kansas a "basketball school" came to Lubbock to face the Red Raiders who are on a rise and students, who may have been bribed with free food and prizes came too, including me. If you weren't at the USA that night you should be sorry because it was probably louder then the Luke Bryan concert this past year. It was a close game the whole way and the Red Raiders were fighting hard and I couldn't contain my excitement, I never knew basketball could be this big of an adrenaline rush. As the aisles were lined for Tech students to storm the court, Andrew Wiggins scores the winning points for Kansas in the last fractions of a second. All of that hype, adrenaline, excitement and rush of emotions will make me attend more basketball games indefinitely.

Indiana season-opening series
Growing up at the baseball fields because of my two brothers made me excited for Texas Tech opening weekend this spring. I was in the press box covering the Red Raiders all season but this weekend stuck out as they swept No. 3 Indiana after being picked second to last in the Big 12 Preseason Coaches Poll. After watching this team all season it has been very interesting to see how this series set the tone for the Red Raiders and gave them the confidence they needed going forward. So, this squeezes into my Top 5 for the fact of the lessons I have learned as a journalist and the lessons this team has learned through this season.

Texas vs. Texas Tech
I have never seen the saying "Go Big or Go Home" taken so literally as I did during this game. Head coach Tim Tadlock wasn't going to hand the series, which was tied, to rival Texas without doing everything possible. Texas had lead 2-0 for eight innings and in the bottom of the ninth with men in scoring position and two outs Tadlock gave the signal to Zach Davis to steal home plate to tie the game. I have never in all my life of watching baseball seen someone successfully steal home, especially at such a crucial part of the game, and against Texas. I will never be able to forget the first time I almost jumped out of my seat at a baseball game.

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