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DeSoto wide receiver KaDarrion Nixon became Texas Tech's first offer for the 2017 recruiting cycle back in May. Likewise, Tech is Nixon's first offer. In fact, he could barely believe it until head coach Kliff Kingsbury confirmed the offer with him Monday at a satellite camp in Lancaster (TX). caught up with him Tuesday to see where he stands with the Red Raiders.

The following is a Twitter Q&A with 2017 DeSoto receiver and Texas Tech offer KaDarrian Nixon (5-foot-8, 170) so please excuse the brevity of some of the answers and questions.

First off, I saw Tech offered awhile back. How did it go down? Which coach actually offered you the scholarship?

Nixon: He (assistant coach Eric Morris) offered me after 1 on 1's (a couple weeks ago), but I felt way better when it was confirmed yesterday! They are some good coaches. Coach Morris has a legacy there so I know he's not lying to me about anything.

How did camp go yesterday? How did you do?

Nixon: I didn't participate, just met the head coach.

Ah, what did you think about coach Kingsbury? What did you talk about?

Nixon: He's nice, he knows they offered a good one & I see they like to throw the ball a lot so Texas Tech is good! They keep showing interest, then Texas Tech will be home.

You like Tech that much?

Nixon: Yessir.

Do you plan on visiting the campus anytime soon?

Nixon: If I get a chance. I'll visit if they want me to though.

They offered you a scholarship, I'm sure they want you to visit. What was your reaction when they offered? That was your first, right?

Nixon: Yup and I didn't believe it, but I have a brother that's a senior without a offer so I was sad too.

What other schools are you hearing from?

Nixon: Nobody else but Tech.

It's early. How often do you hear from Tech?

Nixon: Yesterday and the day they offered.

Anything else you would like to add?

Nixon: Don't be surprised if I commit.

Great stuff. Thanks for your time and keep me in the loop.

Up, I have a question from a Tech fan ( subscriber Tapodaca) for you. What do you think of Tech's uniforms and how much of a role does that play in your decision?

Nixon:Tech's Icy, that will work. Just have to get used to Under Armour.

That's right. Y'all are all about Nike at DeSoto, the U.

Nixon: Yessir.

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