Daniels Recaps Texas Tech Visits

Dallas Bishop Dunne four-star defensive tackle Darrion Daniels visited Lubbock twice this month. RaiderPower.com caught up with the Texas Tech legacy, who said he came away very impressed with what he saw.

The following is a Twitter Q&A with the 6-foot-4, 275-pound Daniels, who is ranked as the No. 16 defensive tackle of the 2015 class and the No. 208 overall prospect in the nation by Scout.com.

First off, you've visited Tech twice this month. What's your overall impression of the campus and program?

Daniels: It's beautiful and the program is really together.

So would you say you are more interested in Tech after the visits than before, about the same or what?

Daniels: They've moved up tremendously

Is there a specific reason for that? What really caught your attention?

Daniels: The coaches are consistent, and I can see their vision.

Would you say Tech is your leader right now? And who else is in the mix for you? Obviously you have a lot of options.

Daniels: No sir they're very high and I'll come out with my top 10 when I finish my out of state visits.

I saw a pic of you and teammate D'erren [Wilson] visiting earlier this week. How'd this most recent visit go? What did you do while here?

Daniels: It went well. I went and sat in one a Payton's classes and walked the campus.

Really? That's pretty cool. What class?

Daniels: History of Jazz.

Haha. Alright, that's not what I was expecting. A lot of fans have asked me who accompanied you on this visit, specifically if your mom did?

Daniels: No she didn't get a chance to, it was my OC and D'erren.

Do you plan on making another trip to Tech with your mom? If so, do you know when?

Daniels: Yes and no.

You mentioned out of state visits earlier. Where do you plan on visiting and do you know when yet?

Daniels: Hopefully California to see Cal and USC.

Which Tech coach do you speak the most with?

Daniels: [Trey] Haverty.

Alright. Is there anything I'm missing that you would like to add?

Daniels: No sir.

Alright, I appreciate your time. Thanks.

Daniels: No problem.

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