Thibodeaux Recaps 'Perfect' Visit to Tech

Tyler Bishop Gorman 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward Garrett Thibodeaux visited Lubbock on Friday to tour the Texas Tech campus, see the facilities and meet head coach Tubby Smith (pictured above) and the rest of the staff. caught up with him shortly after to get his recap of the visit via a Twitter Q&A. Needless to say Thibodeaux really enjoyed his time on the South Plains.

First off, how did the visit go? What's your overall feeling about Tech after visiting?

Thibodeaux: It went great! Absolutely loved the campus. And the arena was amazing. Coach [Tubby] Smith is incredible, too, just a really relatable coach. I would love to go to Tech and play for Coach Smith. Hands down just fell in love with the school.

I saw the pics on Twitter with coach Smith and at the arena. What else did you do? Who did you visit Tech with?

Thibodeaux: Toured campus with coach Taylor. Visited with my mom. We saw the rec, checked out the student union. Watched a little pickup of the team. Locker room was pretty awesome too. Also saw the football stadium. I'm good friends with Pat Mahomes the new quarterback and baseball player out of Whitehouse.

That's cool. East Texas connection with Mahomes?

Thibodeaux: Yeah I've grown up with him. My mom is best friends with his dad, have been their whole lives.

Ah. How long has Tech been recruiting you? How did the visit come about?

Thibodeaux: It's only been a few weeks. Coach [Vince] Taylor called and asked if I could come up soon, so we drove up as soon as possible!

Did the coaches talk about where they see you playing at the next level? Also, did they offer or talk about an offer in the future?

Thibodeaux: Yeah they want me in and out cause 3 point shooting is a big part of my game and that's what they need. Coach Smith said he won't offer until he's seen me play during live period in July.

Yeah, I haven't seen you play in person, but I watched some highlights and you have a nice touch, handle. How would you describe your game?

Thibodeaux: I've become a LOT more athletic here lately. I like to drive in and dunk on my person when I can. But I usually try to play smart by using a lot of head fakes and such. Knocking down 3's is me too. I set a lot of picks, and I'm a really good passer. Plus, I average 17 rebounds a game.

What other schools have you been hearing from?

Thibodeaux: Wichita State, Vandy, TCU, and SFA and like 20 others are all strong interests. I've been offered by Tulsa and Tennessee Tech.

What schools have you visited and where does Tech rank on your list after today's visit?

Thibodeaux: I've only visited SFA and Tech so far. But Tech is definitely number 1 as of today!!

You mentioned coach Smith was relatable can you expound on that? Anything else stand out about him, coach Taylor or anyone else?

Thibodeaux: Really able to talk to and can hold a conversation. They're all great funny guys. Definitely the type of coaches I want to play for. And they're all close with the players. Makes it more like a family. That's what I'm really looking for!

Do you have any other visits planned this summer and do you have a return trip already set up?

Thibodeaux: I'm gonna visit Tulsa, Texas State, and Witchita State sometime this summer! And no not yet. But if Tech offers before that I am strongly considering committing when that happens.

Do you have any history with Tech? Any family go to school there for example? And were the campus and facilities what you were expecting?

Thibodeaux: No history at all. And it was even nicer! I loved all the Spanish tile roofs, I've always had a taste for that. And the athletic facilities were top notch. Everything was just perfect!

You mentioned your mom visited with you. What did she think of the campus and program?

Thibodeaux: She loved is just as much as I did. Thought very highly of all the coaches and loved the architecture of the campus.

Anything else you would like to add? Anything I'm missing about your trip to Tech or your overall recruitment?

Thibodeaux: No sir that's about it. All I've got left to say is Wreck 'Em!!

Alright, I really appreciate your time. Thanks.

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