West Coast Four-Star Talks Texas Tech Offer

San Ramon Valley (CA) four-star offensive tackle Dru Samia recently made stops in Utah for the All-Poly football camp, where he was offered by Texas Tech, and camps at UCLA and USC. His offer list currently stands at 10, but is rising. RaiderPower.com caught up with Samia for a Q&A to see how his offer from the Red Raiders went down, what he thinks of Texas Tech and about his overall recruitment.

First off, how did the All-Poly camp go? That seems like a unique experience.

Samia: The camp was as great as ever, there are so many coaches and ex-NFL players that the coaching is unbelievable and the level of physicality is insane. Everyone wants to hit.

I saw you picked up a couple offers over the weekend. How did the offer from Texas Tech go down? Which coaches did you speak with?

Samia: Well at the camp we get split up into teams and one of my coaches was coach [Lee] Hays, during the 1 on 1's he was getting fired up at how I was performing and afterwards he asked me how many offers I had at the the time, I said "eight" and he shook my hand and said "let's make it nine".

Haha. He's a good guy. Did you meet any other Tech coaches or just coach Hays?

Samia: Yea he is, and I spoke with coach [Darrin] Chiaverini briefly but those were the only two.

Cool. What's your impression of Tech? Is it a school you are considering?

Samia: Tech is an interesting school, I need to do more research but from what I hear they're a solid program with some big name commits so far, I am considering them no doubt.

I saw you visited UCLA and picked up an offer. Congrats. What was your overall impression of the campus, facilities, coaches, etc.?

Samia: Thank you! UCLA has always been real high on my list, my family has always loved UCLA so needless to say I was pretty excited to get an offer, and after the camp, working and talking with the coaches, and touring the campus and the facilities, it only made me that much more excited.

You mentioned UCLA is high on your list, do you have a top five or at least a couple other favorites currently?

Samia: I need to do more research on a few schools. In my head I have my favorites and once I talk it over with my family I'll announce them, but at this moment every school is still even. That will change once I release my list.

That makes sense. Do you know yet if you want to stay on the West Coast or would you consider moving across the country?

Samia: Before I was worried about moving really far away because I wanted my family to be able to watch all my games, but they reassured me that wherever I go they'll be there, so distance isn't a big issue at all.

Texas Tech has recently recruited a handful of Polys who are expected to make a big impact such as Rika Levi and Breiden Fehoko. Are you looking for a school with Poly players? Will that impact your decision or not?

Samia: Well, it's nice to have Poly teammates but it's not going to be a huge factor in which school I pick.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Anything about your recruitment I'm missing?

Samia: I don't believe so, I appreciate your time, thank you.

I forgot. Do you have any plans to visit Tech in the future?

Samia: I'll for sure try to get out there but not sure if it'll be official or unofficial.

OK. It was my pleasure. Thank you and congrats on all your success.

Samia: Thank you very much.

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