Anderson Interested in Several Texas Schools

Frisco sophomore offensive lineman Jack Anderson has made the rounds this summer camping with many of the top college programs in the Lone Star State. caught up with the 6-foot-4, 280-pound Texas Tech legacy to see what he thinks of each program and what he's doing to prepare for the 2014 season.

First off, what are you up to this summer? How are you getting ready for the season?

Anderson: This summer

Jack Anderson

has been pretty crazy! I camped at TTU,TCU,Baylor and TAMU. I'm working out like crazy and working on my foot speed, hips and hands.

Did any of the schools you camped with stand out and if so why?

Anderson: I don't want to name leaders, but I have always really liked TCU and Baylor, and my grandfather played at TAMU.

What position did your grandfather play at TAMU? What's his name?

Anderson: He played tight end and his name is David C. Anderson.

You mentioned you have always liked TCU and Baylor. What do you like about them?

Anderson: Success, great facilities and I love Cumbie at TCU and gush at Baylor!

We, Scout, have you with offers from Tech and UAB. Is that right?

Anderson: Yes sir that's right.

I saw on Twitter when Tech offered you in late May. How did that go down? Which coach offered you and what was your reaction?

Anderson: Coach [Trey] Haverty texted one of my coaches and told me to call him and coach Kliff Kingsbury wanted to talk to me. So I called and coach Kliff answered and offered me! I was in awe. I have crazy connections to Tech and it's the school I've always watched growing up.

That's cool. What are your connections to Tech?

Anderson: My dad is class of 90'. My uncle class of 93' I believe, and my sister is class of 17'! That's why they offered so early probably.

Wow, no kidding on the connections. Is your family pushing you towards Tech or do they care where you play?

Anderson: Ehh, my whole family other than those 3 are Aggies, but my dad is definitely super excited. I visited Tech a few months back, and I see my sister up there a lot.

Ha, a family divided. How did the visit go? What do you think of the campus, facilities, etc.?

Anderson: It was great. It felt like a family more than anywhere else. Kliff sat down with me and actually talked with me, I never had that anywhere else. The facilities are great just wondering about the indoor, and the campus is awesome. Been there countless times for games.

Speaking of, I saw your tweet that you'll be at the OU game in the fall. Is it crazy to be going to the game as a recruit?

Anderson: It really is. Not sure what we will do, but I'm going to the WVU game with my dad, and OU with mom.

Two games, cool. I know it's early, but has Tech talked about what position they see you playing at the next level?

Anderson: Coach [Lee] Hays and I talk a ton and he hasn't really said. Most likely guard/center if I don't grow and if I do tackle, but I believe I will.

Do you have a preference? And will you play center again this upcoming season?

Anderson: No, I have outgrown it and will play Tackle. I like playing guard at camps.

Alright, is there anything else you would like to add? Anything I'm missing?

Anderson: I don't think so!

Thank you for your time

Anderson: No worries.

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