Dauphine "100% Solid with Tech" after Visit

Port Arthur Memorial running back Corey Dauphine has received plenty of interest from other schools since committing to the Red Raiders. The four-star recruit made his first visit to the Texas Tech campus over the weekend and RaiderPower.com caught up with him for a recap.

First off, how'd the visit go? What was your overall impression of Texas Tech?

Dauphine: I loved my visit and Texas Tech is on the rise.

What did you love about it? What'd you do?

Dauphine: Everything is not too far from each other, the school looked great, I checked out the school and I checked out the track. They have a great track program.

Yeah, when we talked way back you said you only planned on playing football and not running track. Do you definitely plan on doing both now?

Dauphine: Yes I do and the coaches want me to run.

The football coaches do?

Dauphine: Yes.

How'd it go hanging with the coaches on the visit? Who did you hang with and did anything/anybody stand out?

Dauphine: It went good. I hung out with coach [Mike] Jinks and I can see that he is a good coach that I like to be around.

Well the question everybody wants to know is did the visit strengthen your commitment to Tech or not?

Dauphine: Yes it has and I am 100% solid with Tech.

Wow, it went that well. Anything specifically help make up your mind?

Dauphine: That Texas Tech is a place that I want to be and I can see myself doing big things at Tech.

Jonathan Giles told one of our reporters you traveled up together. How do you know each other and how did that come about?

Dauphine: Yes, me and Giles are good friends. We played each other in the playoffs so we were talking and I asked him when he was going down to Tech and he told me. I asked was it OK if I come and he said yes.

Do you have an official visit set up or any other visits with Tech?

Dauphine: Yea, whenever I check my football schedule I'm going to set up an official one.

Cool. Do you still plan on visiting other schools? If so, who?

Dauphine: No, I'm not.

Wow. Did coach Jinks or anybody else go into detail about how they plan on using you in the offense? If so, please explain.

Dauphine: They think that they can do a lot with me because I got speed, I got power and I got the right size for a running back.

Did anything surprise you about the campus, facilities or coaches during the trip?

Dauphine: They (the coaches) are really working hard.

Did you get to hang out with any current players on the trip? Who hosted you?

Dauphine: I hung out with a lot of players but my host was Jalen Barnes.

Is there anything else you would like to add about Tech, the visit or your overall recruitment? Anything I'm missing?

Dauphine: Nah, nothing else.

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it.

Dauphine: Anytime

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