Big 12 Media Days: Top 10 Kingsbury Quotes

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury was asked about a variety of topics at Big 12 Media Days on Monday at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, TX. Some of the answers you already know. Some of the questions were repetitive. dissected over an hour of answers from Kingsbury to bring you the necessary information you need to hear.

Q: Do you come in letting the players know that you’re laying down the law?

Kingsbury: Yeah, you do. I think you have to. And they like to know where the lines are as long as you have fun with the guys and there are no blurry lines.

Q: Are you aiming a little bit higher with this class than you did last year?

Kingsbury: Yeah, I think because of some of the early commits that really have a chance to recruit for us. I mean, that’s a big deal these days is that you get a couple of those big name guys and they recruit like crazy for you, and so I think this next class has a chance to be special.

Q: The creative license, you mentioned the old Southwest Conference game, is there another game where we may see something quirky come out?

Kingsbury: Yeah, we’ve got a bunch of new looks, but that’s really the only one I’m ready to announce just yet, but there will be a bunch of new looks.

Q: Now that Mahomes is on campus, what do you expect of him next year?

Kingsbury: He’s never really focused on football full-time, being a three-sport star. We’ve got to get him on some of the basics, the footwork, tighten up some of his mechanics, things like that. He’s a football savvy kid just being around him. He can make plays with his feet and his arm, and so if he had to go into the game, we’d probably tone down the package a bit, but give him something he’d be successful with.

Q: Regarding the three walk-on quarterbacks

Kingsbury: We haven’t gotten to watch them throw or anything like that, but all three of them were really good high school players. We recruited them very similar to how we approached Baker Mayfield and thought they were some guys who kind of got overlooked and we wouldn’t have them here if we didn’t think they could play at that level.

Q: Regarding defensive lineman

Kingsbury: We found out last year, we needed to rotate more big bodies through with these fast tempo offenses and we weren’t and that hurt us in the run game a bunch. All four of these guys are going to have to play and play right away.

Q: Who are some of the newcomers you see making the biggest impact?

Kingsbury: Rika Levi on the defensive line at the nose will be will be a huge impact player for us and then Ian Sadler, Cameron Batson, Justin Stockton: all really fast, skilled guys on offense that are going to play right away.

Q: Kenny Williams says he enjoys hitting the ball-carrier even more than he did carrying the ball. Did you see that first hand?

Kingsbury: He kind of had that mentality as a running back. Instead of trying to make people miss, he’d try to run them over and so I think it fits well.

Q: One thing Bradley [Marquez] said is he’s (Davis Webb) a real student of the game and you wouldn't know it just from looking outside of the program. Would you agree with that?

Kingsbury: Yeah, he loves the X’s and O’s part. He wants to coach college football. He’s said that from day one, so when you present a play, you better have all the answers, because he’ll call you on it. It’s fun for me because he studies as much film as I do probably. He always wants new ideas, wants new stuff put in, and so it’s made it fun for me.

Q: Regarding speed of receivers and what it brings to the offense

Kingsbury: I think between that and a quarterback who knows what he’s looking at now and is a bit experienced, we’re expecting to push the ball down the field more and let those guys go and get it, where last year, we had bigger bodies, stronger guys, kind of throw it underneath. We had a young quarterback, let him get it out of his hands quick, so I just expect us to spread the field more throwing down field.

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