Wilder Talks Tech Visit, Upcoming Season

Katy four-star safety and Texas Tech commit Collin Wilder recently visited the campus for the fifth time, but for the first time since committing in June. Wilder dished on several topics such as Tech's new uniform combos, his upcoming season at Katy, what he thinks about the UIL state championships taking place in Arlington again and much more in addition to the details of his visit.

The following interview took place on Twitter through direct messages.

RP: First off, how'd the visit go?

Wilder: Great! I watched some film with Coach Haverty, saw never before seen uniform combos with Kingsbury. It's always a blast to be there.

RP: Aw man. Fans on the site are dying to hear about the unis. I know you can't give anything specific away, but how would you describe them?

Wilder: I would say unique & nothing you've seen before.

RP: Wow. So you liked them?

Wilder: Yes, I loved them! I think the fans will too

RP: Well, you have visited Tech, what 4-5 times now? Did you do anything unique on this visit or learn something about Tech you didn't know?

Wilder: I went to the Business class building this time to check that out. It's something I'm looking to major in. It was beautiful.

RP: You mentioned watching film with coach [Trey] Haverty earlier. It's a ways away, but the way things are now he would be your position coach. Describe your relationship with him and what is a film session with him like?

Wilder: Coach Haverty would be. If I got bigger, it could also be Coach Mike Smith, the Raider position coach. And film was great. We talked a lot of game plan and how they do things. Me and Haverty are very close. Always stay in good communication.

RP: That's right I forgot about you possibly playing Raider. What else did you do on the visit? Any other highlights?

Wilder: I met the new Head Trainer and he was a good guy. Looks like he knows what he's doing. Everything else was nothing new, but all just as good as the first time.

RP: I saw on Twitter you brought another Katy teammate with you. I plan on interviewing Paddy too, but what did he say about Tech afterwards?

Wilder: Paddy loved it. He wants to go there, especially after this visit.

RP: You have brought several of your teammates to Tech. What has been the overall reaction? You think any other Tigers will join you in Lubbock when it's all said and done?

Wilder: A WR & CB. Tony Mullins & JoVanni Stewart. Two talented players would like to join me as well up here. That's a goal I'm trying to achieve.

RP: Speaking of Katy, it's pretty much championship or bust for y'all every year. What's the buzz around the team in the preseason?

Wilder: We were young last year so we expect to be back in Dallas in December for a state title. We're preseason #1 and we're shooting to stay there all season. Eight Sophomores started last year. Including our QB & three secondary players. So there's no excuse of not succeeding.

RP: I have covered several state championships there, including Katy's in 2012. I like the game being at Jerry World, but I'm from DFW. As a Houston area player do you like the game being there or do you wish it would rotate around the state? Do you think DFW teams have an unfair advantage with it being there?

Wilder: In a way, yes. I think it's wrong that we had to wake up at 5 in the morning for a four hour bus ride to play an evening football game all in the same day. Is that the reason we lost last year? No. But I do believe it's not right for us to do that when the other team is 30 minutes away from the stadium.

RP: So you'd be in favor of it rotating from DFW to say San Antonio and then Reliant?

Wilder: That's fine with me. It's just an extra thing to have to help. When it comes down to it, it's all about just playing the game no matter where the location.

RP: This is great stuff. Is there anything else you'd like to add, anything I'm missing?

Wilder: I don't think so, you got about all of it!

RP: Thank you very much for your time.

Wilder: Not a problem at all. Thank you!

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