Introducing Paddy Fisher

Paddy Fisher was one of several sophomores who helped lead Katy (TX) to yet another state championship appearance in 2013. The linebacker, who visited Texas Tech on Friday, tallied 119 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, four sacks, five forced fumbles and a fumble recovery a season ago. caught up with Fisher for a visit recap and more.

The following interview took place on Twitter through direct messages.

RP: First off, was Friday your first visit to Lubbock?

Fisher: No sir, my first visit was in the spring and I attended the spring game.

RP: After a couple visits, what do you think of the campus, facilities, and the town? What's your overall impression?

Fisher: The campus was really nice and caught my attention right away. The facilities are also very nice and organized. Everything's easy to find. The town is great and it feels like the right place for me. The people are friendly and make you feel at home. My overall impression of the visit was great. Everything is really close to each other and that's what I need and like.

RP: What about the coaching staff? Who have you met and who really stood out to you?

Fisher: The coaching staff is awesome, coach [Mike] Smith, coach [Matt] Wallerstedt, coach Brock, and coach [Mike] Jinks are all great men. They approach you make you feel at home. They're great coaches and even more they are great people in general.

RP: Have you visited any other schools? Who else are you interested in and who else has shown interest in you?

Fisher: Not yet. I'm interested in TCU, Baylor, and Texas. And a few schools have shown interest in me through camp invitations via mail.

RP: What is your current height and weight? I have seen some conflicting reports.

Fisher: Friday I weighed in at 211 and 6'2 and half inches.

RP: You had a monster season as a sophomore last year statistically, but what kind of LB are you? How would you describe the way you play?

Fisher: I may not be the typical linebacker that people envision when they hear that position but I am always around the ball. Sideline to sideline. I make plays and that's what I do

RP: Nice. It appears the whole Katy 2016 class makes plays. What is it about this group that has earned early playing time on such a prestigious program? What is your explanation? And, have most of you known each other for a long time?

Fisher: Yes we have all been playing together since a very young age.We were all taught the fundamentals and the discipline and the will to not quit.

RP: Was there a coach or staff in particular in your youth or junior high that played a big part in having y'all ready to play so early?

Fisher: Yes sir, Collin Wilder's dad and Travis Whillock's dad were our coaches and they taught us everything we need to know and prepared us well.

RP: I talked to Collin yesterday and he mentioned he's actively trying to get several of you to join him at Tech. Is that something you talk about a lot? I know several Katy players have visited, but is that something you think is likely to happen?

Fisher: We do talk about it frequently. How cool it would be to grow up in elementary school and keep playing together through out our life. I think it'd be something that could happen and will happen.

RP: That is pretty cool. Did the coaches talk about where you might play if you went to Tech?

Fisher: Once I get my speed up I'll be a diverse player so I'll be able to play inside or outside backer

RP: If you think of anything else you would like to add please do not hesitate. Otherwise, thank you very much for your time.

Fisher: That's it for me. You're welcome and thank you for your time also!

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