Dyer Talks Texas Tech Commitment

Mesquite Horn four-star offensive tackle Conner Dyer announced his commitment to Texas Tech via Twitter on Tuesday. RaiderPower.com caught up with him to see why he chose the Red Raiders and how it went down.

RP: Congrats on the commitment. So how'd it go down? How did you let Tech know?

Dyer: Well I just decided yesterday and called coach [Kliff] Kingsbury.

RP: What did he say? I imagine it was a pretty loud reaction?

Dyer: Just a whole bunch of happy laughing. He ended up passing the phone around to everyone in the room!

RP: What was the deciding factor, why did you pick Tech over all the other offers?

Dyer: There was no deciding factor. No one thing made my decision. It was a multitude.

RP: Break down the multitude for me or even just a couple of reasons. Last time we talked you said how much the coaching staff cares about the players impressed you.

Dyer: Well how much they care reiterated! And they are putting together a dream team out there. I want to be part of it.

RP: Yeah this class, on offense right now especially, looks scary. Have you heard from any other commitments since announcing? If so, did anything stand out from what they said?

Dyer: I've talked to both [Jarrett] Stidham and [Breiden] Fehoko. It was mostly congrats.

RP: You committed yesterday, but when did you know it was Tech? And who else was up there until the end for you?

Dyer: I knew it was Tech last week, but wanted my brother to be home for the decision. I was looking at LSU and Ohio State.

RP: That's cool. Where was he if you don't mind me asking?

Dyer: He was coming home from working in Alaska.

RP: Will you be at Tech in the spring or the summer?

Dyer: Summer.

RP: It's obvious on film you play with a mean streak. Do you agree with that and if so where does that come from?

Dyer: Oh yeah, for sure. Where does it come from? I'm a nice person off the field so I save it all up! Haha

RP: Haha. Alright, last question. Tech fans are fired up about you committing. Is their anything you want to say to them?

Dyer: GUNS UP.

RP: Alright. Congrats again and thanks for your time.

Dyer: No problem.



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