Confident Webb Ready to Maximize Potential

By all accounts Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb appears poised for a monster sophomore season. After splitting time as the starter in 2013, Webb is the man and has been given a lot more freedom by coach Kliff Kingsbury.

When offensive coordinator Eric Morris says Davis Webb has the potential to be “the best quarterback in the nation,” and Webb says he and his fellow Red Raiders are “relentlessly driven to maximize their potential,” you know something big could be in the works.

As per usual this time of year, at every program across the college football landscape, confidence and optimism are the coins of the realm in the Texas Tech camp. And nobody embodies that sunny outlook more than sophomore starting quarterback Davis Webb.

He has gone from being one of several (including fellow quarterback Baker Mayfield) voices in the Tech program, to being, outside of head coach Kliff Kingsbury, its primary spokesman. It’s a role he’s dived into with verve and gusto, tinged ever so slightly with an awareness that nothing is guaranteed.

Hence, Webb is extremely pleased with the progress he has made as a team leader.

“It’s night and day from this day last year to this day this year,” he said at Sunday’s annual media day.. “I’m much more vocal as a leader. I’m much more comfortable here. I can talk to any player I want, on the field, off the field, about anything. I feel like I can have a say; I've got more of a resume’ behind my belt, I guess.

“These guys respect me a lot more, and it’s been great for me being here over a year learning as much as I did. Being a starter, coming off the bench, throwing a game-winning touchdown and being the Offensive MVP of the Holiday Bowl has been great for my confidence and I’ve already started to build on it.”

But as buoyant as Webb is about his current status within the football team, he’s under no illusions as to how ephemeral the loftiness of the perch can be.

“I know this isn't the YMCA,” Webb exclaimed when asked to compare his status this year with last year. “I know this is the Big 12, big-time Division I football, and I know there’s competition every single day. And I know Pat Mahomes is working his butt off to be the starting quarterback. I know we don’t know who the 2016 quarterback is, the 2015 quarterback is, so I just take every single day like it could be the last at quarterback for me.”

For a quarterback many regard as already the second best in the Big 12, and as a future blue chip NFL prospect, Webb’s awareness of the inherent contingency of his position is quite remarkable. Doubtless, his experience a year ago, where he seemed to trade the starting position with Baker Mayfield every few weeks, has inculcated a healthy wariness in him.

Having said that, Webb also understands that he has no stronger supporter than Kliff Kingsbury. Whether it’s a function of the scheme or Webb’s mastery of it (most likely, it is a combination of both), Kingsbury has verily given the youngster the keys to the Aston-Martin, and all of the awesome gadgets it contains.

“It’s unlike any offense I've ever been in really,” Webb said like a kid who has just unwrapped the coolest Christmas present ever. “I've got the whole offense in my arsenal. I've got all of my tools: I can check into a run if I see a good box; if I see a good safety I can throw a pass. I can check into anything just as long as I have a good reason for it. I've got to be right with my check. If I check into a run and it should be a pass… I better be right. It better be a good play or it’s gonna be bad.

“He [Kingsbury] has that much trust in me, I guess. He’s always told me I’m the smartest quarterback he’s ever been around. That’s really cool to have the whole offense at your command and you’re only 19 years old.”

Indeed. It must be cool to have all of that potential. Both at your fingertips and in your head.

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