Stidham Talks Signing, Recent Commits

Stephenville quarterback Jarrett Stidham signed a financial agreement on Thursday to play for the Red Raiders. The five-star prospect, who ranks as the No. 2 quarterback and the No. 19 player overall in the nation, will enroll at Texas Tech in the spring. caught up with Stidham briefly for a quick reaction and to find out how it all went down.

The following is a transcript of a Q&A conducted via text message Thursday night.

RP: First off, congrats man. What made you decide to do this now and how long has this been in the works?

Stidham: Thank you! And a few weeks. I wanted to do it so I could start talking to them (Texas Tech coaches, staff, etc.) as much as possible!

RP: That's cool. Does it effect how much you can talk to other 2015 recruits? I know you and Breiden [Fehoko] have been recruiting a lot.

Stidham: No, I just have to keep doing what I have been doing.

RP: Nice. Yeah no kidding, it's working. I have to ask about [Conner] Dyer and [Madison] Akamnonu committing and your reaction to a couple four-star guys up front joining the class?

Stidham:It's huge! I couldn't be happier with those guys! I'm pumped they're on board.

RP: What was the Tech coaching staff's reacton to you signing the financial aid agreement?

Stidham: They were pumped!!

RP: I was interested to see you'll be playing Lubbock Cooper on ESPN this season. What was your and the Ville's reaction to that?

Stidham: We're excited for the opportunity to play on ESPN.

RP: Thanks for your time and once again congrats.

Stidham: No problem man. Thanks!

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