Texas Tech in Pursuit of Louisiana DT

Texas Tech has shown lots of interest in Monroe (La.) Neville defensive tackle Courtney Wallace. The three-star prospect is the No. 46 ranked DT in the nation by Scout.com. RaiderPower.com caught up with him recently for an update on his recruitment and more.

The following is a transcript of a Q&A conducted via text messages.

RP:First off, how big are you going in to your senior year? What's your current height and weight?

Wallace: 6-2.5, 310.

RP: What's the word on Neville this year? How do y'all look so far?

Wallace: We're going to be pretty good. We have a new quarterback and new players in some other positions, but that's not a weight to us. Nothing's holding us back. We're going to play our hearts out regardless of who's new or not.

RP: As far as recruiting, who is recruiting you the hardest right now?

Wallace: Probably Texas Tech.

RP: Anything stand out about Tech?

Wallace: I mean the coaches really show me that I'm really wanted and then the pride that they carry on Saturday's. I mean not just about the team, but the fans and the city.

RP: I heard you were at one of their camps this summer, but have you visited Tech yet?

Wallace: Yeah I did, but no I haven't visited yet.

RP: Do you plan on taking an official there? If so do you know when?

Wallace: Yes I do and I don't know when yet.

RP: Where else do you plan on taking officials? Who else is in the mix?

Wallace: I don't know just yet.

RP: I hear ya. You mentioned the Tech coaches earlier. I imagine you hear from coach [Kevin] Curtis a lot. If so what is your relationship with him like?

Wallace: Yes I do and it's really good.

RP: How often do you hear from him? Anything stand out about him?

Wallace: I hear from him a lot and yes, he's a great man. He really makes me feel important to Texas Tech.

RP: Do you have a timetable for committing? Do you know when you want to announce a decision?

Wallace: No, just whenever I feel the time is right.

RP: Has Tech or any other school talked about how you would fit in their system? For example does Tech see you playing at nose guard or DT (3 tech)?

Wallace: Nose guard.

RP: How would you describe yourself as a player?

Wallace: I think I have great hands and I'm quick to be my size.

RP: Yeah, the quickness comes across on film. Is there anything I'm missing you'd like to add about the season or your recruitment?

Wallace: No sir.

RP: Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it.

Wallace: You're welcome.

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