Programs Eyeing Watanabe

San Antonio (Texas) Brennan offensive lineman Mitchell Watanabe is hearing from college programs and looking ahead at his senior season...

San Antonio (Tex.) Brennan offensive lineman Mitchell Watanabe watched older brother Grant Watanabe go through the recruiting process last year, but now the 6-foot-3, 340-pound prospect is experiencing it for himself.

"I went to a lot of camps this past summer. I met a lot of coaches and I've just been working out and, over the past couple of weeks, have been preparing for the upcoming season," he said.

"I want to have my most productive season and help the team win the state championship."

Watanabe has enjoyed exploring options, visiting campuses both in and out of state.

"I went to the All-Poly camp in Utah, the BYU offensive line/defensive line camp, the Texas camp two times, the North Texas camp, and a couple of other ones. I received a lot of good feedback, especially from the smaller schools like North Texas. Texas and BYU will be coming by to my third or fourth game," he said.

Watanabe says that there are currently two programs who have been showing him the most interest.

"New Mexico State and BYU are the two schools that have probably been showing the most interest," he said.

The athlete also plans to attend a few college games this season, but hasn't nailed down those plans quite yet.

"I'm not really sure yet; I think I'll probably be at a couple of Texas games and a Colorado game, but otherwise I'm not sure," he said.

Aside from recruiting, Watanabe is focusing on his senior season.

"Because of the new forty second play clock, a lot of my workout this off-season was running and conditioning to get ready for the fast-paced offense we have at our high school. This year, I want to have my most productive season and help the team win the state championship," he said.

Watanabe also had an update on his older brother, who signed with Colorado in February.

"He had to have surgery after breaking his foot, so Colorado gave him a grayshirt. He'll be going there in January," he said.

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