Weekly Media Luncheon Notes

Notes and quotes from Texas Tech's weekly press conference.

Quick Hitters
-The big news Monday was that nose guard Rika Levi's knee injury is not as serious as originally thought. Coach Kliff Kingsbury said the Levi was day-to-day, they'd brace it up, but that he probably won't play this week against UTEP.

-Kingsbury reiterated his disappointment with the turnovers and penalties on Saturday night calling them embarrassing.

-Kingsbury said many of the new guys had a deer in the headlights look to them, but that it's all fixable.

-More punishments will be doled out this week in practice according to Kingsbury in an effort to curtail penalties.

-Kingsbury said the strength of UTEP's defense is the secondary, that they are a veteran group who likes to play man.

-Kingsbury said other than Bradley Marquez, the receivers corps was not very good. Jakeem Grant had cramps and missed time. He aded thae outside guys were non-existent and didn't do what they've done in practice.

-Kingsbury singled out freshman running back Justin Stockton as one of the newcomers who played well adding that he ran hard and expects him to be a special player for them.

-Every team represented at the podium downplayed the effect the 10 p.m. kickoff time will have on the outcome of Saturday's contest against UTEP.

-Defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt pointed out that UCA rushed for just 178 on 53 carries, a 3.3 yard per carry average, which is Texas Tech's goal; to limit teams to 3.3 yards or less per carry.

-Wallerstedt said Tech allowing UCA to score on two final drives really left a bad taste in everybody's mouth, that there were opportunities to get off the field, but they just didn't take advantage.

-Wallerstedt said the new guys were hit and miss, some good, bad and some ugly adding that starters Jackson Richards and Demetrius Alston are both playing out of position due to necessity. He went on to say Marcus Smith, Keland McElrath, Brandon Thorpe, Anthony Smith and others need to step in the interior of the line, because they are going to ply a committee at both nose guard and defensive tackle.

-Coach Eric Morris said the players were going to know, if they didn't already, how serious they are about fixing the penalties problem and added that if they have to make some changes in personnel they will.

-Morris added that blocking technique, especially by the outside receivers was poor and to not be surprised if some different guys start at outside receiver.

-Dylan Cantrell was a guy singled out who will play more and that D.J. Polite-Bray and Devin Lauderdale did some nice things, but they have to be more consistent.

-Frosh receiver Cameron Batson is going to get some looks outside. He is the primary punt returner and had been playing inside, but Morris mentioned Batson's smarts and ability to pick up the offense quickly.

Noteworthy Stats Provided by Texas Tech Athletics
  • Texas Tech and UTEP will be meeting for the 22nd time on Saturday.

  • Tech leads the all-time series 14-6-1.

  • Tech is 6-3-1 against UTEP in El Paso.

  • Tech has defeated UTEP five consecutive times dating back to 1963 (other wins: 2007, 2006, 1998, 1980).

  • Quotables
    "Just we'll get their best shot. They'll be fired up and they should be. I know after watching our film, they'll expect to win the game, so we better be prepared." -Kliff Kingsbury

    "The fourth down and goal at the one where he quarterback sneaks it for a touchdown was embarrassing. I told the guys at halftime they should never be able to do that, we had both the A gaps covered up with size with our tackle and nose guard and there were still able to drive us off the ball and get the ball in the end zone. So, as I said before, I take it personal, these guys are taking it personal, they are looking at the film, I know they are disappointed, but we're looking for a big response." -Matt Wallerstedt

    "Bradley Marquez graded out better than any guy I have ever graded on tape and I think it showed. He played hard every single play for 65 snaps-more than anybody, he was in the right place at the right time and there's a good chance without him we don't win that football game." -Eric Morris

    "Yeah, I know we're going to flip the switch. Hopefully we can flip the switch. I know we're going to have a hard week of practice, but our coaching staff isn't going to try to hold that over our heads too long because that's not going to help us in any way." -LB Sam Eguavoen

    "We've just got to learn from the film. We talked yesterday. Those guys as well as myself we've seen some of the mistakes we were making are things that we're not supposed to be doing and we haven't done. It was just uncharacteristic. If we just go out there, play, relax, and I think with having this game under our belt it will help out a lot for these young guys. They're going to go out there and make plays. We've got some big play makers on this team that will come about coming up throughout the course of the season." -WR Bradley Marquez

    "I think holdings, pass interference, those are plays guys are trying to make. But when you're getting un-sportsmanlike conducts and substitution penalties which is on our coaching staff, false starts, offsides, things like that are just unacceptable." -Kingsbury

    "Kenny did a nice job overall. We had a lot of good grades overall. When you look at individuals by their performance you would say, 'wow, how did we give up 35 points." But it's a guy here, a guy there in some coverages who got exposed a little bit, missed some opportunities on some sacks where we had him dead to rights sometimes and missed or where we did not play the coverage properly and had a hat open where he just had an outlet to go to. But Kenny, same deal, not all the way clean. He got outflanked a couple times from his alignment and responsibility, but he played physical, played aggressive and I liked what he put on tape." -Wallerstedt

    "We talk about penalties all the time, we talk about winning the turnover margin all the time, we talk about starting fast all the time, so sometimes as a coach you wonder if it's reverse psychology and they're thinking about it too much. 'Should I mention it more, should I not, should we punish them, should we not,' and what is the right approach. It's not acceptable so we're going to change the way we approach that and start trying to get our point across in different ways." -Morris

    "Yeah, the first one (interception) was a bad play call, and nothing was there and he (Davis Webb) should have just thrown it out of the back of the end zone, his first down on the 10-yard line. The second one, he made a bad read, just missed it, tried to go for the home run instead of taking his check down. Only his 7th start. That's what you have to remember about him. That is his 7th start. He was fired up, and revved up, and trying to do much at times." -Kingsbury

    "I know the expectations are high. We will continue to squeeze and put pressure on our guys, because they know what the standards are, we're never going to lay off with that. (We're going to) regroup, have a good week of practice and perform." -Wallerstedt

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