Denley Talks Tech Offer, Overall Recruitment caught up with Cibolo-Steele junior running back Bryson Denley on Wednesday for a reaction to his recent scholarship offer from Texas Tech. Denley is a former teammate of Red Raider freshman running back Justin Stockton and played briefly for Tech RB coach Mike Jinks. Denley talks about his interest in Texas Tech, and his relationships with both Stockton and Jinks in the story.

The following is is a Twitter interview conducted with Denley through direct messages (DMs).

RP: First off, I saw Tech offered recently. How did that go down?

Denley: They offered me on the third day of school.

RP: Which coach offered you? Was it over the phone and what did they say?

Denley: Coach Jinks and yes sir, it was a full ride and they really love me.

RP: I figured it was Jinks with you being at Steele and all. How close are you two? Are you old enough that he coached you at Steele?

Denley: Yes sir, he coached me my freshman year and we are real close. He's like a father figure.

RP: Wow. You said they really love you, have they talked about how they would utilize you at Tech? If so how?

Denley: Playing running back and playing wildcat QB.

RP: Did you go to a Tech camp in the summer? Any other schools?

Denley: No sir I was just in the weight room!

RP: Hahaha. I hear ya. How big are you now? Height and weight.

Denley: 5'10, 176.

RP: You've been described by many as a speedster and you definitely look fast on tape, but I have never seen you in person. Do you have a 40 time?

Denley: Yes sir I ran a 4.39.

RP: Wow. So Justin Stockton just scored his first TD at Tech on Saturday and showed a lot of speed. Who is faster between you two?

Denley: He is, yes sir, but I'm kind of up there with him! He really pushes me a lot.

RP: How close are the two of you? Do you still talk some?

Denley: Yes, we are really close, he's like an big brother to me and a really good person.

RP: So with Jinks being a father figure and Stockton like a big bro, would you say Tech is high on your list?

Denley: Yes sir! But I'm going to keep going on with the recruiting process.

RP: What else do you know about Tech? Do you plan on visiting anytime soon?

Denley: Yes sir! And they really show their players respect. I really like the coaching staff and it's really a good school.

RP: Do you know yet when you plan on visiting?

Denley: Not yet, but it's going to be really soon.

RP: Scout has you with offers from Baylor and of course Tech. Is that right?

Denley: Yes sir.

RP: What do you like about Baylor? Who do you talk to the most from there?

Denley: Coach [Jeff] Lebby, and I like their offense and they way their running back runs the ball.

RP: Have you visited Baylor yet?

Denley: Yes sir.

RP: When did you visit? What did you think?

Denley: I visited with my teammate Josh Malin. They were recruiting both of us and it was a great experience.

RP: Who else are you hearing from?

Denley: OSU , Florida State , Oregon! and Texas.

RP: I see you put an exclamation mark next to Oregon. You a fan?

Denley: Yes sir! I like Oregon and their offense.

RP: Alright, thanks for your time! I really appreciate it.

Denley: No problem.

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