Yeager's Week 3 Big 12 Power Rankings senior writer Joe Yeager ranks the teams in the Big 12 from top to bottom.

Excepting BYU’s pasting of Texas, it was an uneventful week in the Big 12. That figures to change as Oklahoma, Kansas State, West Virginia, Texas Tech, TCU, Texas, and Iowa State all face stiff tests in week three. The barracudas will begin to separate from the guppies.

1. Oklahoma: The Sooner armor is yet to show a chink, but with an underrated Tennessee next on the horizon, it will doubtless absorb a few bashes and bolts. The odd thing is that the Sooners, who usually begin the season a bit sluggishly, are already firing on all cylinders. Does that suggest that they could peak too early?

2. Baylor: The feeling here was that, unlike last year, the Bears wouldn’t sneak up on anybody. We still don’t know if that reality will make any difference because Baylor has played patently inferior competition. That is unlikely to change with this weekend’s trip to Buffalo. Incidentally, Baylor’s defense has given up six points in two games thus far.

3. Kansas State: The Wildcats took Iowa State’s best shot and then some, and although imperiled at halftime, came out strong in the second half and wrecked the Cyclones’ upset dreams. After surrendering 28 first half points in Ames, the KSU defense pitched a shutout in the second. No. 5 Auburn is next on the agenda, and don’t be shocked if the Wildcats take out the Tigers.

4. Oklahoma State: After throwing a scare into Florida State, the Pokes dozed past Missouri State, which shouldn’t be surprising. Next up is a pretty good UTSA squad that gave OSU some problems last season. Then comes the conference opener against Texas Tech.

5. West Virginia: The Mountaineers decked Towson 54-0, which means very little except that it came on the heels of the close loss to Alabama. WVU arguably responded to their post-showdown depression better than Oklahoma State did. West Virginia next faces a Maryland team that has some believers. A WVU win here could mean that the Mountaineers are for more than just show.

6. Texas Tech: The Red Raiders really haven’t done anything yet, but at least they are 2-0. All sides of the ball have been inconsistent against pretty weak competition, and that is concerning. The upcoming matchup with Arkansas will tell us whether the concern is legitimate or unfounded.

7. TCU: The Frogs were off last week after dispatching Samford in the opener. Next up is a Minnesota team that sports a 2-0 mark, albeit by lackluster totals over substandard competition. Still, the Gophers are a Big Ten school and will serve as a diagnostic tool for TCU much like Arkansas for Texas Tech.

8. Texas: Did Charlie Strong finally dismiss one too many players? Has he killed the spirit of this year’s Longhorn squad? We can certainly hope so, and BYU’s demolition of the Horns provides some reason for hope. Were UCLA to double the damage, Big 12 foes could begin licking their chops in earnest.

9. Iowa State: After an embarrassing home shellacking at the hands of North Dakota State, the Cyclones revived by almost upending Kansas State. But one suspects that heartbreaker may have rubbed out what little hopes for a decent season ISU may have had. A rivalry game against Iowa this week may actually be the best medicine for what ails the ‘Clones.

10. Kansas: The Jayhawks slipped past Southeast Missouri last week and draw the Dookies this week. One suspects the basketball players at the respective schools could also beat the football players…in football.

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