Series History: Texas Tech-Arkansas

The two teams will meet for the first time in 23 years 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Lubbock.

Two foes from the old Southwest Conference will strap on their cleats Saturday and meet for the first time since they were conference rivals.

Arkansas has dominated the series with Texas Tech 28-7 winning the first nine games of the series. The series started when Texas Tech made the transition from the Border Intercollegiate Athletic Conference under DeWitt Weaver. The Red Raiders struggled mightily throughout Weaver’s tenure and turned to J.T. King in 1961.

King had success, but it did not come quickly. It took King four seasons to achieve a winning record and six tries to defeat the hogs. The first Texas Tech victory over Arkansas came in upset fashion. The Red Raiders, who were 3-6 at the time, hosted the No.6 Razorbacks in the final game of the 1966 season. The upset cost Arkansas the Southwest Conference Championship. Tech would follow up the next season by going into Little Rock and handing the Razorbacks their first losing season in almost a decade with a 31-27 victory.

An angry Arkansas team would use the next two seasons to spank Tech outscoring the Red Raiders by a combined 75-7. The hogs would eventually record five straight victories until the Red Raiders became the team to beat in 1973. Jim Carlen’s Red Raiders would end the 1973 season on a nine-game win streak, capping it off with a Gator Bowl victory. Tech defeated the Razorbacks in Arkansas 24-17 during the 1973 campaign. Just one team stood in Tech’s way of an undefeated season: Texas.

It would be 1976 before Texas Tech recorded another victory against the Razorbacks. Houston would play spoiler to the Red Raiders in 1976 as the Red Raiders finished the regular season 10-1 with a share of the conference crown alongside the Cougars.

Tech would go winless against Lou Holtz, who took over Arkansas in 1977. Ken Hatfield would take his place and defeat Tech in his first two tries. The Red Raiders ended a nine-game losing skid against the Razorbacks in 1986 under David McWilliams, who coached Tech for just one season.

Spike Dykes lost his first three matchups against the Hogs, but the Red Raiders let the Arkansas Razorbacks go to the Southeastern Conference (widely known as the SEC) in 1992 with a nice parting gift: a two-game losing streak.

Texas Tech has featured bragging rights over the Arkansas Razorbacks for 22 years. Tech looks to extend the win streak Saturday at 2:30 p.m. CDT at Jones AT&T Stadium.

1957 in Fayetteville: Arkansas 47 Texas Tech 26
1958 in Lubbock: Arkansas 14 Texas Tech 8
1959 in Little Rock: Arkansas 27 Texas Tech 8
1960 in Lubbock: Arkansas 34 Texas Tech 6
1961 in Little Rock: Arkansas 28 Texas Tech 0
1962 in Lubbock: Arkansas 34 Texas Tech 0
1963 in Fayetteville: Arkansas 27 Texas Tech 20
1964 in Lubbock: Arkansas 17 Texas Tech 0
1965 in Fayetteville: Arkansas 42 Texas Tech 24
1966 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 21 Arkansas 16
1967 in Little Rock: Texas Tech 31 Arkansas 27
1968 in Lubbock: Arkansas 42 Texas Tech 7
1969 in Little Rock: Arkansas 33 Texas Tech 0
1970 in Lubbock: Arkansas 24 Texas Tech 10
1971 in Fayetteville: Arkansas 15 Texas Tech 0
1972 in Lubbock: Arkansas 24 Texas Tech 14
1973 in Little Rock: Texas Tech 24 Arkansas 17
1974 in Lubbock: Arkansas 21 Texas Tech 13
1975 in Fayetteville: Arkansas 31 Texas Tech 14
1976 in Little Rock: Texas Tech 30 Arkansas 7
1977 in Lubbock: Arkansas 17 Texas Tech 14
1978 in Fayetteville: Arkansas 49 Texas Tech 7
1979 in Lubbock: Arkansas 20 Texas Tech 6
1980 in Little Rock: Arkansas 22 Texas Tech 16
1981 in Lubbock: Arkansas 26 Texas tech 14
1982 in Fayetteville: Arkansas 21 Texas Tech 3
1983 in Lubbock: Arkansas 16 Texas Tech 13
1984 in Little Rock: Arkansas 24 Texas Tech 0
1985 in Lubbock: Arkansas 30 Texas Tech 7
1986 in Fayetteville: Texas Tech 17 Arkansas 7
1987 in Lubbock: Arkansas 31 Texas Tech 0
1988 in Little Rock: Arkansas 31 Texas Tech 10
1989 in Lubbock: Arkansas 45 Texas Tech 13
1990 in Fayetteville: Texas Tech 49 Arkansas 44
1991 in Lubbock: Texas Tech 38 Arkansas 21

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