Kingsbury Quotes from Weekly Teleconference

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury answers questions from the media during Monday's weekly Big 12 teleconference.

Less than 48 hours following Texas Tech's 49-28 home loss to Arkansas coach Kliff Kingsbury answered questions about the team during the weekly Big 12 teleconference.

The following is a collection of Kingsbury quotes from the teleconference which stood out.

On the team's reaction since the game Saturday and how Kingsbury can get the players back on track over the course of the next ten days before the next game: "They're just disappointed. After watching the film and just seeing the opportunities that we missed, the mental mistakes that just wasn't a pretty thing to watch. They knew it and they are embarrassed, so luckily we have this bye coming at a good time before the Thursday night game. We'll work hard this week and get back to the fundamentals of tackling, catching and blocking; just hit that all hard and try to get things rolling before our conference schedule."

On how much of the offense's inconsistencies (three turnovers, only produced 353 total yards and had five drives of four plays or less Saturday) have to do with positions other than quarterback Davis Webb: "It's a little bit of everything. We have some young receivers that have only started three games. They are talented, but young and still wide-eyed. I think you see guys that have played, like Jakeem Grant, Bradley Marquez and Deandre Washington, that are making a bunch of plays for us. Some of those other guys have to come on."

On whether Davis Webb is putting too much pressure on himself, and whether he has progressed since last season: "He's gotten better. Still, every few throws you'd like to have back that you just can't make and with as many reps as he's getting he's going to have to continue to improve on all that. There's moments of greatness and moments that will cost you games and he had a couple of those on Saturday, but I think he's handling it the right way and he continues to work hard each week to get better.

On whether Tech will increase the physicality in practice in an effort to improve tackling in preparation for Oklahoma State: "I think so, just going back to the basics and drilling it. That's what the game comes down to. I felt like we had guys in place to make plays at times and just didn't get them down and we have to work on that. They have some really good backs, had a really good plan, but at times we had chances to make tackles and just didn't do it."

On whether Tech's run defense woes are fixable or if the team simply doesn't possess the physicality to withstand a power rushing attack: "I would have to say that remains to be seen. I think there were times that plays were there to be made and there were times that guys just stood up in our front and got wiped out. We have a bunch of new guys playing that are new to college football and they have to grow up fast and play better. With that being said, schematically, we have to try and put them in a better situation to be successful. So, it's a combination of things, but we'll find out. You know teams are going to try and do that, so we'll have to man up and try and stop the run."

On whether the players are receiving his message on committing fewer penalties: "I hope so. We're doing some things to address that. It's just focus, and taking pride in everything you do off the field and on the field. Hopefully, that's paid off. We'll see when we get to conference, what they're going to do."

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