Opposing player to watch: Daxx Garman

Though Texas Tech has struggled against the run, limiting Oklahoma State quarterback Daxx Garman's effectiveness could be the key to the game Thursday.

Oklahoma State quarterback Daxx Garman has taken the road less traveled to his starting job.

This persistent effort for a chance to become a starting quarterback could prove to be huge down the road.

Garman is slated to start at quarterback for Oklahoma State with J.W. Walsh being out due to injury. The pass defense is not Texas Tech’s main concern, with a rush defense that has allowed 428 yards to Arkansas in the Red Raiders’ most recent game, nor should it be the team’s main concern.

Oklahoma State has talented running backs, but this season is different than those in the past. The Cowboys have three young, inexperienced starting lineman. This line has struggled to provide the holes Oklahoma State is accustomed to.

One running back, Tyreek Hill, consistently bounces to the outside. Probably the best ball carrier in the backfield, Desmond Roland, has missed a game this season due to injury.

Again, the Cowboys have a talented rushing attack, but what good is that if the lanes in which they need to run through are not provided.

That brings in Garman, a redshirt junior out of Southlake Carroll who transferred to Oklahoma State from Arizona. Missing a year due to transferring is nothing new to Garman. He was ruled ineligible for his senior year of high school because the University Interscholastic League came to the conclusion Garman transferred from out-of-state for athletic reasons.

Prior to his ruling at Southlake Carroll, he also was deemed ineligible in Oklahoma. Garman has certainly faced tough times having to sit out years, but now he has his shot and looks to make the most of it.

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound quarterback came in against Missouri State and completed 16 of 26 passes for 244 yards and two touchdowns.

The following week, Garman finished 16-for-30 racking up 315 yards and two touchdowns. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was asked during a press conference if he planned on running the ball as much as Arkansas did against Texas Tech. Gundy replied “no” citing differences in his system compared to the offense Arkansas displays.

Although the Cowboys have put up points, this offense is not as efficient as recent Oklahoma State offenses. Experience has much to do with this.

Garman has gone through the unknown before. Time will tell if he and the inexperienced Cowboys offense can grow and gel together.

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