Delance Talks Texas Tech, TCU Offers

North Mesquite junior offensive tackle Jean Delance picked up his first two offers last week from TCU and Texas Tech, respectively. caught up with the 6-foot-5, 270 pounder to get his reaction to both offers and for the scoop on his overall recruitment.

The following interview was conducted through direct messages on Twitter:

RP: First off congrats on the offers. I saw TCU and Tech. is that right?

Delance: Thanks, and yes that's correct!!

RP: When did you get the TCU offer and how did that go down? Which coach offered you?

Delance: Tuesday from coach [Rusty] Burns. Great Man and Coach! Called my Coach Tuesday, lunchtime and offered.

RP: How long has TCU been recruiting you and what's your overall feeling about the Frogs?

Delance: They came and checked me out last year spring practices. Overall, I'm loving what they have to offer and what's being built down there I'm loving it.

RP: Have you visited TCU yet? Do you have any plans to visit anytime soon?

Delance: I haven't visited yet. I plan on getting out to a game ASAP this October the 11th.

RP: What about Tech? I saw they offered last week. How'd it go down and which coach was it?

Delance: Coach [Trey] Haverty. I'm loving Tech!! Went down for a camp back this summer in Lancaster and we've been talking even more after the offer. He messaged me on Twitter, told me to call him asap and surprised me with the great news.

RP: You said you're loving Tech, what stands out about them?

Delance: Definitely the staff and what's to come with OL commit Conner Dyer from Mesquite Horn and the number 1 QB 2015 commit things are looking big, also with a chance to get on the field early.

RP: You said you went to a camp, but have you visited the campus? Do you have plans to visit Tech anytime soon?

Delance: Me and my family are still making plans!

RP: I hear you. You gotta let me know when you settle on a date. What other schools are you hearing from?

Delance: Definitely will. Oklahoma, OSU, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Oregon State, Baylor, Arizona and a few more.

RP: Nice. Do you have a dream school, somewhere you really want the offer from?

Delance: Not really, I've just wanted to play football anywhere!!!!

RP: Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it.

Delance: No problem.

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