Texas Tech Hoops Legacy Making His Own Mark

Houston St. Pius combo-guard Jordan Jackson is making the rounds this month, visiting three of his final four schools, including Texas Tech. RaiderPower.com caught up with Jackson for the scoop on where he stands with each school, when he plans on visiting and when his decision date will likely be.

Yes, Jordan Jackson is the son of Texas Tech women's hoops legend Sheryl Swoopes, but that's not what he wants to be known for.

Like any offspring of a famous, accomplished parent, the Houston St. Pius X guard wants to make his own name. It just so happens that Jackson is also garnering attention for his exploits on the hardwood, including from Texas Tech.

In fact, Red Raider head coach Tubby Smith and assistant Pooh Williamson visited Jackson at his home earlier this month.

"It was really good, we got a lot done, talked about a lot," Jackson said. "We talked about the basics, you know, Tech basketball, academics as well and everything. We had a really good home visit."

Jackson also plays for former NBA standout and Texas All-American T.J. Ford's AAU team, TJ Ford Elite, which made a lot of noise last spring and summer. The 6-foot-3 Jackson really turned some heads with his athleticism at a tournament in Las Vegas, including Texas Tech. The Red Raiders offered Jackson not too long after.

Jackson has narrowed down his list to Bowling Green, Houston, Stephen F. Austin and Texas Tech. Tulsa was in his top five, but is no longer in contention. He broke down where he stands with the remaining four schools:

SFA: "That was my first official visit (in eary September). Coach [Brad] Underwood and the rest of the coaching staff, I really connected with them while I was down there, and the players as well. It was like an immediate connection when I got down there. Just a great attitude, great locker room, the players all seemed to have a good head on their shoulders. They are all focused and determined. Last year they made it to the Tournament, beat VCU and made it to the second round. When they upset VCU and lost in the next round, they still have a bitter taste in their mouths, so they are really focused, they are trying to get back to the same spot and hopefully they will go deeper. That was really good, sharing that attitude, you know striving toward accomplishment."

Bowling Green: "Everybody's asking me why Bowling Green, it's a medium-sized school in Ohio. Bowling Green's coaching staff is tremendously amazing. They show so much love and they recruited from Day 1. When I first heard from Bowling Green I thought it's a mid-major..., but the more I looked into it I was like if I go here I could actually contribute to something and start something big. So, Bowling Green is in a small Ohio town, a small college town, but a basketball town, that could be a major factor for wherever I go. I'm just looking for the right place to fit."

Houston: "Houston, that's home. That's hometown right up the street. Coach [Kelvin] Sampson, he's a great coach, but they have shown a lot of love as well actually. They weren't right on me at first, but once Sampson got the job they started looking, sending me letters and recruiting me hard. The basketball program is moving into the American Athletic Conference, a big conference, one of the top basketball conferences that there is now. It's got UConn, the national champs in there, so you know the competition level is going to be high. Coach Sampson, being the coach that he is, coaching several college basketball teams and also coaching in the NBA, he knows the talent level that you need to have and it's one thing that could push me over the top and get me there. Playing for a coach like that could be amazing."

Texas Tech: "I don't like to get into it much, but it is a factor, that my mom played there, that's not the main factor though. The main factor is that it's Big 12. The conference play is going to be ridiculous with every game packed out, almost every game on ESPN, playing the top competition level in America in playing Kansas, Texas with Cameron Ridley and Isaiah Taylor and Oklahoma State and OU. The conference is ridiculous and amazing. To have the caliber of teams such as Texas Tech and a coach as successful as coach Tubby to have the faith in you and sees the talent in you to come into a team like that your freshman year and be able to have an impact on the team and what they do is a really great feeling."

Jackson made his first official visit to SFA in September, plans on visiting Houston on Thursday, Texas Tech on Oct. 10 and Bowling Green on Oct. 17. Despite all the history his family has with Lubbock, Jackson hasn't visited the South Plains a lot and never before as a recruit.

"I was born in Lubbock and I have been there a couple times, but not a lot. Lubbock is a college town," Jackson said. "And that plays a major part in my decision as well. You want to go somewhere where you are welcomed and you know people are going to support you and have your back no matter what. I feel like that could be a factor when I go to Lubbock, with me being her son, not that I would be treated different than anybody else, but I might have that support. I feel like I know the Tech fan base and I have talked with coach Smith about it, that it's going to be amazing this year."

Though he plans on making his decision after the visits late this month, he hasn't ruled out pulling the trigger if one of the above schools blow him away.

"My decision date is set for the end of October, but if I go on a visit and they sell the program and they sell the school and I love it and have that gut feeling that this is the school for me, I could possibly commit on the spot during any visit that I take," Jackson said.

Whomever lands Jackson will be getting a confident young man who says his game continues to evolve.

"I am 6-3, running the floor; that's my biggest strength right now is rebounding and getting out on the break, but in the half-court I can shoot the 3, I will shoot the 3, I am a knock down shooter," Jackson said. "I'm working on it right now to be a little more consistent. I'm a little streaky right now, but that's going to change this upcoming year and everybody will see.

"My first step is tremendously quick. I don't normally have to handle the ball because when I catch the ball I'm a one, two, three dribble player, I know what I want to do when I catch the ball. But I am working on ball-handling as well because in college every coach said I'm going to have to play some combo guard, the one, two and maybe some three."

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