3 Essential Keys to Victory Over Kansas State

Texas Tech looks to pull even in the Big 12 win column 6 p.m. tonight against Kansas State at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, KS.

1. Cut out the penalties
Bill Snyder coaches sound, disciplined football. His teams are never among the most talented, but his coaching is among the best. Kansas State is currently second in the Big 12 in fewest penalty yards per game. Texas Tech is among the most in the NCAA racking up over 100 yards per game. The Red Raiders are probably the more talented football team, but they’re also youthful and inexperienced leading to a more mistake prone team. First, Tech must cut out the personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conducts. Second, the offensive line cannot get flagged for holding as they have been in the past couple of games. Kiss Tech’s chances of an upset goodbye if the Red Raiders commit more than 50 penalty yards.

2. Protect the quarterback
One thing about less talented, but well coached teams is they more often than not play well on the defensive side of the ball. Texas Tech has a pair of young quarterbacks. Sophomore Davis Webb can run if he absolutely has to. True freshman Patrick Mahomes is inexperienced and if he plays, Tech can expect him to be blitzed all day. Snyder will look to force the teenager to make quick decisions under pressure which may lead to turnovers. The offensive line will have to be at their best in this game.

3. Stop the run
There was a noticeable improvement by the front seven against Oklahoma State. The Wildcats are much better on the ground than the Cowboys though. Snyder is a coach who uses run first, pass second. The Wildcats have a more balanced offense than many in the Big 12, SO Tech’s front seven will have a tougher test this week.

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