Williams Sets Texas Tech Visit Date

Fort Worth All Saints junior defensive tackle Mike Williams is in high demand as the four-star prospect is rated as the No. 8 player at his position and No. 84 overall player of the 2016 class. RaiderPower.com caught up with the 6-foot-3, 270-pound defensive lineman to talk about some upcoming visits he plans on making, his overall recruitment and his next opponent on the gridiron.

Fort Worth All Saints junior defensive tackle Mike Williams currently holds offers from Kansas State, Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, Tulsa and UCLA.

The following interview was conducted through direct messages on Twitter:

RP: First off, I hear you plan on visiting Texas Tech. If so, when?

Williams: I'm coming over for the Oklahoma game (Nov. 15).

RP: OK. When did Tech first start recruiting you and who do you talk with most?

Williams: Tech started recruiting me my last week of school so around the end of May and I talk to Coach Morris the most.

RP: Who else do you plan on visiting?

Williams: I plan on visiting the OU-UT game and Oklahoma State.

RP: Did you go to any camps over the summer? If so where?

Williams: I went to UT, UTSA and Baylor for camps.

RP: You mentioned coach Eric Morris earlier. What's your relationship like and how often do you hear from him?

Williams: Coach Morris is the man I hear from him every few weeks just to check in on me.

RP: You have some impressive offers. Do you have a list of favorites yet? Where are you in the decision process?

Williams: Right now I'm just taking my visits.

RP: I hear you. What would you say you are looking for most in a program?

Williams: I know every recruit says it but just the family feel I've been blessed with in the All Saints community and I'm looking for something like that.

RP: I believe you. So I see y'all have won four straight heading into the game this week against Oakridge. Full disclosure: I went & played there.

Williams: You were an Owl? Haha.

RP: Yep. We never lost to y'all when I played there. My question is what's going to be the key for a fifth straight win? What's the word on Oakridge? I haven't kept up recently.

Williams: Just coming out and playing to our abilities and not allowing us to overlook them they are explosive if you don't do your job every play.

RP: OK. Good stuff. Is there anything you'd like to add about Texas Tech or your overall recruitment that I'm missing?

Williams: No sir, I think that covers it all.

RP: Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

Williams: Nah, thank you my man.

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