Texas Tech First to Offer Wilbon

Destrehan defensive tackle Gerald Wilbon picked up his first offer Tuesday from Texas Tech. RaiderPower.com interviewed the 6-foot-3, 305-pound junior about how it went down, who else is recruiting him and where he stands with the Red Raiders.

The following interview was conducted through direct messages on Twitter:

RP: Congrats on the offer. How'd it go down? Which coach offered you?

Wilbon: Thanks, coach Kevin Curtis DM me on Twitter and then he sent me his number and I called him.

RP: Were you surprised or did you think the offer was coming?

Wilbon: My coach told me during practice they were gonna call me soon.

RP: Ok. How long has Tech been recruiting you?

Wilbon: For about 3 or 4 weeks.

RP: Has coach Curtis talked about how Tech sees you fitting in there, where they would play you?

Wilbon: Yeah he said I would play a roll in first and second down run stopping.

RP: So they are recruiting you for the D-line? Do you play offense or defense or both at Destrehan?

Wilbon:Yeah d-line. I only play defensive line right now but in the past I've just played o-line or both at the same time.

RP: What's your current height and weight?

Wilbon: I am 6'3 305

RP: Any plans to visit Tech anytime soon?

Wilbon: Nah, I didn't think that far ahead.

RP: I hear you. What other schools are recruiting you?

Wilbon: LSU. Arizona St. Arkansas. Kent St. Missouri, Mississippi St.

RP: Nice. Does anything stand out about Tech?

Wilbon: I really respect the program for offering an unknown player.

RP: Great stuff. Is there anything I'm missing about Tech offering you or your overall recruitment?

Wilbon: Nah. Everything is covered

RP: Thanks for your time and once again congrats.

Wilbon: Thanks

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