Anderson Recaps Texas Tech Visit caught up with Frisco four-star center sophomore Jack Anderson, a Texas Tech legacy, who visited the South Plains last weekend.

RP: Hey Jack, happy birthday. Overall how was your visit? What did you do while you were here in Lubbock?

Anderson: Really liked it, been there so many times it was fun being back. I stayed with my sister at her apartment on campus.

RP: Cool, What did you think of the game? How was the experience different from going from a fan to a recruit?

Anderson: Had a lot of fun, got really good seats and cool to sit with some of the best recruits in the nation for the 2015 class.

RP: Tell me about that, how was it getting to hangout with Jarrett and Breiden?

Anderson: They both recruited me pretty hard, both asked me what I thought and I know Jarrett wants me to block for him and Tyron [Johnson] to pass to.

RP: How about the coaching staff? You told me you were looking forward to talking to them. How’d that go?

Anderson: It was great. Talked to [Lee] Hays for about two hours.

RP: What are some things y’all talked about?

Anderson: The love for the game, financials, just joking around about things. He never fails to make me laugh.

RP: Did you get to hangout or talk with current players? If so, who?

Anderson: Yes, talked to David Brenner, Alfredo and Quinton for a minute.

RP: What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Anderson: Talking with Hay, one of my favorite guys in the world.

RP: Overall, how did the visit make you feel about Tech? What are you going to take from it?

Anderson: Didn’t make me think anything different. I love it there. I will take away that they want me more than any other school at this moment.

RP: Great stuff, thanks so much for your time.

Anderson: No worries.

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