Jackson describes big play in win over Kansas

Texas Tech junior defensive end Branden Jackson, pictured above pressuring Kansas QB Michael Cummings, breaks down how he was able to force and then recover a fumble for a huge second-half play for the Red Raider defense.

Red Raider defensive coordinator Mike Smith said earlier this week junior defensive end Branden Jackson "has been Texas Tech's best defender all season."

In Saturday's 34-21 win over Kansas, a monster opportunity presented itself and Jackson pounced as he forced a fumble on a run play in the backfield and then was able to recover it in the ensuing dogpile.

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Here is Jackson's description of what happened on the play after the game:
"We had just come out of a timeout and I noticed they had a tight end in who really doesn't play much, he's their second tight end, more of a run guy I noticed on film. So we knew it was a run right away and we kind of got them talking and they were trying to figure out who they were going to block. I was in a three (technique) and the guard kind of went down (the line). The quarterback was looking at me trying to figure out whether or not to pull (keep the ball) and I kind of slow played it. He gave the ball to the running back and I don't think the running back was really expecting it. I kind of got a hand on the ball and it came out. The rest of it was history."

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